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My biggest worry is that some country will become 100% vaccinated and soon discover that 100% of the people who die from any cause were recently vaccinated.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Tweeted on December 7, 2021

I have seen the same sort of thing from some anti-vax memes going around. Yes, it’s probably true. But it is very deceptive. I don’t have the time to correct everyone and everything that is wrong on the Internet so I just roll my eyes and move on. I’ll let Darwin take care of them at a more leisurely pace.—Joe]


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  1. Absolutely Joe, St. Darwin has this one well in hand. It’s always interesting to watch commies killing their useful idiots.
    The wife’s uncle is finally getting it. In his 80’s. He’s gotten every jab the government sponsored. Got Wu-flu twice now. And is under quarantine as we speak. Just so happens he’s one of those, we have always voted democrat types.
    And as much as I would love to rub his nose in it. Like you, why bother, the problem seems to be curing itself.

  2. somewhere in the middle is the truth…always…i believe half the crap i read online….

    • I think Desantis phrased it as: The establishment media lies to you, always. You listen to them to find out what they want to lie to you about, then go find out what the truth is.

      So, in a way, what they’re saying is halfway to the truth. But is -1/2 “halfway” to a true value of +1? I believe in anti-knowledge: notions so far off from true that they cancel out actual true notions one might have in other areas.

      Harder part is figuring out what they’ve black holed because there is no lie good enough to patch over whatever inconvenient (to them) thing they don’t even want you to be aware of.

    • ”somewhere in the middle is the truth…”

      That could in theory be true, in theory, but it’s a shitty theory. Chances are you’re being presented instead with a false dialectic, in which case the truth isn’t anywhere in the debate; not on either side and certainly not in the middle between the two! For if the two sides are false then the truth, logically, cannot be a blend of, or a compromise between, two falsehoods! In that situation, “somewhere in the middle” is right where the power players want you to end up after all the terrible battles they’re forcing on you. It’s an old trick;


      And so, to assume that “the middle ground” is the righteous place to be is not only lazy and cowardly, it’s utterly wrong. It’s wrong because the following underlying assumptions of what we’ve come to know of as the “Moderate” are altogether groundless;
      a) Truth is naturally, usually even predominantly, somewhere on the table for discussion, and
      b) Popular opinion and popular interest usually, or maybe even always, straddles the truth.

      It’s utterly ridiculous to make any such assumption when you really think about it.

      No, Young Grasshopper; the truth is to be avoided by the world at all cost. That way we can fight to the death over falsehoods, never even looking in the direction of truth, for why should we? Truth ends the fight right then and there, or at a minimum it defines a good guy and a bad guy, or it defines us all as bad guys, and we simply cannot have that!

      Therefore compromise, rather than truth, must be upheld as the highest virtue! For without compromise there’s no room for evil in the world, and that’s just not fair! It’s “extreme” and it’s highly “discriminatory”!

      This describes the (utterly false) dialectic of the Republicans vs. Democrats, by the way, and indeed it describes the entire world.

  3. When it becomes crystal clear that the poison jab is the CAUSE of deaths and not the preventor of them the left will be OH SO GLAD that they OWN the media whores because such facts will never see the light of day.

  4. Everything you’re all saying here is true, but I have to admit that my first thought on reading the quote was what Redd Fox said once about all his friends exercising and dying. “You guys going to look foolish in the hospital, dying of nothing.”

    My brother invited me over for Christmas Day, IF I get the third jab. I am very ambivalent on this. I wasn’t given the Small Pox vaccine or the Polio vaccine to protect OTHERS, nor have I gotten the Tetanus boosters to protect others from Lockjaw.

    It is a masterpiece of media manipulation to make the wearing of the masks and the jabbing of the arms into some barely coherent argument for “protecting others”, but here it is. All the busybodies who want you to “Go Green”, sort your trash, and take the bus everywhere unless you can afford a Tesla Model S are the ones who insist that somehow MY vaccination protects THEM, something that was contrary to virology except in special circumstances until this year.

  5. Sometimes you can parse the truth out of a situation where every source is suspect. But if the issue never appears on the radar because it has been disappeared somewhere, you never know what to investigate. That is the deadliest form of bias.

  6. It’s surely just a coincidence that the rate of childhood death in the UK has increased by over 50% just since the jab was mandated for children. And the tenfold increase in stillbirths among jabbed women is likewise just a coincidence.

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