Quote of the day—Scott Mann MP @scottmann4NC

Every knife sold in the UK should have a gps tracker fitted in the handle. It’s time we had a national database like we do with guns. If you’re carrying it around you had better have a bloody good explanation, obvious exemptions for fishing etc.

Scott Mann MP @scottmann4NC
Tweeted on March 14, 2019
[There are so many great responses to this. My first response was an English version of:

Une chose qui m’humilie profondément est de voir que le génie humain a des limites, quand la bêtise humaine n’en a pas.

Alex. Dum.

In English:

One thing that humbles me deeply is to see that human genius has its limits while human stupidity does not.

But the best responses I have yet seen came from private Facebook posts*:

I demand you recognize the amazing act of courage he performs every morning when he peeks out from under the covers.

Imagine getting the vapors over humanity’s oldest & simplest manufactured tool.

The presence or absence of knives is how we tell where the apes stop and the people start in the earliest pages of our species’ family photo album.

This is not the deluded ranting of someone in a random psych ward. This is the deluded ranting of someone in a very specific psych ward called Parliament.

But, as it turns out, this is almost for certain British humor that didn’t translate that well into the U.S. where we think the U.K. handling of private gun ownership is just as absurd as this suggestion about knives—Joe]

* If given permission (they sometimes read this blog) I will post their name in an update.


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Scott Mann MP @scottmann4NC

  1. I would rather every MP have a GPS tracker, so that constituents can see where they are wandering about.

    If one’s MP is sitting all day at the telly, or is visiting certain less-than-savoury neighbourhoods of London for purposes he’d rather his wife not know about, don’t his constituents have a Right to Know?

  2. I think the perfect response in British terms is one spoken to a Watermelon of the “Green” movement in London, as quoted regularly on Instapundit:

    “Sod off Swampy”

  3. I get that this is sarcasm, however, considering that various British politicians have actually advocated or enacted aspects of “knife control,” this isn’t as far fetched at it would otherwise seem.

    What about rocks? Criminals have been using rocks as weapons or modifying them into “Assault Rocks.” since we climbed down from the trees. We need universal background checks and a registry for anyone who owns any rocks. (and yes that is sarcasm)

  4. great post, for any number of reasons, … , but the comments are great. but, how about “serializing” rocks? very dangerous things, all said and done

  5. A few year ago, RobertaX stated that a human without a knife was just an ape with a bad haircut.

    Deploy a knife in some public or business setting to handle some mundane chore, and watch how many people react as if you are a “bad person”. Sad.

      • You’ll find that I have two comments on that cruise post, including the RobertaX statement 🙂

        Yeah, Britain is a lost cause, it seems. Reminds me, I need to find a replacement for my lost knife. Just realized that I’m down to two blades carried, which includes a tiny one that looks like a key on my keyring. Used to be five, but I’m no longer working, so the two most used aren’t in my pockets now.

        I recall being pissed that I wasn’t on one of those 9/11 flights with my knife and Gerber tool… (“that’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!”)

      • That’s funny Joe. Didn’t matter if you were in England or not. Logic, intellectual exercise, reality, nothing you could say would make a difference. And would in fact make it worse. (As you pointed out.)
        I used to watch that same attitude pouring over the Oregon/California border. (Look out Texas and Idaho!)
        Could it be to many self-esteem classes in school that does that to people?

  6. Classic example of the current joke here in America about how we as a society would be far better off if we were to eat our vegetables instead of electing them.

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