Quote of the day—Larry Correia (@monsterhunter45)

Poor dipshit with a profile full of virtue signals about solidarity in a war doesn’t seem to understand that the greatest insurgents in history are us “backwoods dumb fucks who like to kill things”.

If the Ukraine had a million Texans, Putin would already be at the taxidermist.

Larry Correia (@monsterhunter45)
Tweeted on March 2, 2022
[Probably not literally true, but close enough to be funny.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Larry Correia (@monsterhunter45)

  1. Seems to me as though the Ukraine regulars ( AND irregulars ) are doing a lot with a little to an amazing level . Likely seems that way to the Russians, too.

  2. Helps when the backwoods fucks are armed with US anti-tank missiles, each of which costs more than the tank that it destroys!

  3. If the branch Davidians had only known about thermite. The world would have learned a valuable lesson. How $20.00 can turn millions into scrap very quickly.
    A trade-off no military can survive.

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