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Those stupid gun nuts keep saying that the federal assault weapons ban didn’t work, but I can’t find proof of a single bayoneting during the 10 years it was in effect.

Rob Romano (@2Aupdates)
Tweeted on March 2, 2022
[That should be proof enough for anybody.—Joe]


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  1. However, assaults by the shoulder thing that goes up dropped dramatically.

    Regarding recent Washington legislation. How on earth is anyone going to know if you assembled your “ghost gun” before or after the 2019 cutoff? And without some mechanism (like California has) to issue some sort of trackable, official serial number, one could seemingly put any serial number you want on your home-made firearm and you’d be good to go. I know a guy who builds the occasional home-built firearm, and each one of them has a serial number on it.

  2. I am certain he can’t find a single murder by bayonet in the last 100 years. He’ll since the Civil War. I imagine he would find difficulty fining any, non military bayonet use in the last 250 years out side of militas, union uprisings, and the Indian wars.

    It would surprise me to find that Pancho Villa’s gang bayonetted some town folk.

    It kina proves the whole ban silly as it stopped someone that never happened in the 1st place.

  3. It actually worked quite well. All it was ever going to do was make liberal commies feel good about themselves. And piss the rest of us off in the most annoying of manners. In that, it worked great!
    And as far as I know, (which could be wrong), Isn’t all gun control wrote under interstate commerce clause? I know the only way the NFA passed muster was as a revenue act.
    One has always been able to build one’s own firearms, just not sale them. And serial numbers were so that the ATF could keep track of sales for collecting revenue from manufacturers. Once again, I could be wrong.
    The whole ghost gun kerfuffle is just another assault weapons meme.
    Look who wants to protect borders, hand out machine guns with pistol grips and bayonets, along with free ammo now?
    Just not in America.

  4. Yeah well, the “ban” didn’t remove a single bayonet from the public. Everyone who had one, kept it, and some who would never have bought one, ended up buying one that had been made before the “ban”. So if anything, the “ban” increased the number of bayonets in public hands. Same goes for semi-auto rifles, and guns in general. Clintons were the “gun salesmen of the year” is what all the gun dealers were saying.

    So among other things, the “ban” was a way of increasing the number of guns in private hands. Therefore if crime went down at all as a result of the “ban”, it would have gone down because there were now more guns in more private hands, deterring crime. Many, many people of my generation will tell you that they first started buying guns as a result of the ’94 “ban”.

    But in a world which runs on deception, facts and reason matter only insofar as they are to be targeted as enemies of the state.

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