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My elected home country definitely gets my support over the former place where my family was held in detention for at least 14 years of my life. I consider Communist party membership to be a death penalty offense, same as Nazi party membership.

Oleg Volk
February 28, 2022
Facebook comment.
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. Ya, that’s a long row to hoe these days. Luckily most of the American ones are cowards that don’t like to use guns themselves.
    The big problem is sorting them out of the population at large.
    Let’s pass a law that communists and nazis have to wear a red, upside-down pentagram!

  2. Ukraine, especially eastern Ukraine, is full of actual nazis. Azov is actual, swastika wearing anti-semetic National Socialists with an unbroken lineage to the SS. It’s just communists fighting nazis again.

    I don’t know why we should care other than to hope that they both lose.

    • Even assuming that’s true, I say “so what?” There are nazis here too. There are antisemites; some even serve in Congress.
      Does that fact justify a Russian invasion of the USA? Obviously not, the whole idea is absurd. So how does the assertion you make justify aggression by Putin?

      • I don’t care. I don’t bother worrying about justification for things I don’t care about. I hope they both lose.

      • pkoning, I agree with you there. Even if the entire country of Ukraine were populated with Nazi sympathizers, I don’t believe that wrongthink justifies attacking a sovereign nation and stealing their land.

        Fortunately, while the Azov Battalion (a volunteer militia) does exist, it’s a relatively small fringe group. Their first commander, Andriy Biletsky started the National Corps political party, which failed to win even a single seat in the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) and only won only 0.04% of local elections. Perhaps it’s not surprising that a nation that currently has a Jewish President (Volodymyr Zelensky) and has had two Jewish Prime Ministers (Volodymyr Groysman in 2019, and Yukhym Zvyahilsky in 1993-1994) is not overwhelming antisemitic.

        Phelps, while I almost never leave comments here (or on any other blogs), I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts over many years. I don’t think this comment exchange represents you at your best. It’s perfectly okay to hope that both the Russians and the Azov Battalion lose, but we need to remember that there are an awful lot of innocent Ukrainians who are suffering as a result of this unwarranted invasion.

        • Some things to bear in mind is that the Z regime in Ukraine is a total fraud installed by a DS “color revolution.” Z is a crude comedian and gay jew who is neither likes, nor respected, nor representative of the Ukie people. Z dances to the tune of the DS and NAT handlers. They have been defacto brought into NATO, pushing a hostile alliance to the literal border of Russia, an action far more provocative than Russian missiles in Cuba were for the US decades ago. UKR is extremely corrupt, even by the standards of the collapsed USSR. It’s a center for human trafficking and US/DS money-laundering. They have been screwing with Russian gas and oil sales to Europe. They have cut fresh water to Crimea trying to starve them out. A war crimes report of actions by the UKR government in eastern Ukraine (which is ethnically and linguistically almost entirely Russian) was recently released; much arty and heavy mortars and even WP has been used against civilian targets.

          Russia going in is not on a whim, it’s not to expand an empire, it’s to remove a hostile puppet regime that poses a serious threat to their border and economic security. As the old saying goes, “it’s complicated.”

  3. Yes, well the sentiment is correct, but getting rid of communists, socialists, fascists, and all who ascribe to the same parent ideology (Romanism, or Babylon of you like) would be a bit like trying to surgically remove a cancer that has metastasized and established itself throughout every system in the body. Cut it out of your lungs and it kills your lungs, cut it out of your kidneys and it kills your kidneys, cut it out of your gut and it kills your gut, etc. Irradiate or poison your entire body enough to kill all the cancer and it kills you. Leave it, and it kills you anyway.

    We failed to complete the American Civil War, at which time it might even have been remotely possible. Letting the Democrats, Jesuits, secret societies, Republicans, et al stay in the country and pretend to be Americans has sealed our doom.

    Though you may not know it, you’re talking of THE Biblical war, and there’s only one way that it ends for good.

    Here’s what will happen in the meantime. The nations of the world, confederating both openly and in secret with big business and with the major religions, and with labor unions, the secret societies, and the “scientific community”, will succeed in forming a global union, or one-world system, which everyone will be compelled to obey, else they be cut out of the economy (“cancelled”, as we already know the term) or even killed outright. We can already see that most of the political, social, technological and even psychological infrastructure for this has been established, and it’s growing and consolidating toward a final push against the Law of liberty. How long that will take is anyone’s guess, but we can already see the “scaffolding” for it, all set up, with the workers busy on it. Once you see the scaffolding for a new building you know it isn’t going to be long, in the grand scheme of things, before the building is complete, or “fully operational”, to quote the fictional character, Emperor Palpatine.

    “… when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them…and they shall not escape.” Thessalonians 5:3

    • I just attended an event at a Jesuit-run Creighton University that sought to educate the students about the value of freedom, free markets, the right to bear arms. Are you sure the Jesuits are the real problem?

      • Lyle has a strange fixation on the pope, it reappears every other day or so.

      • The average rank-and-file Jesuit is a good man doing a good job. But the order has a rather controversial past, and done some things that are, ah, of highly questionable nature and goals. The fact is there is good reason there has never been a Jesuit as pope before now, and he’s screwing up the Catholic faith to the point where the joke “is the pope Catholic” is no longer rhetorical, it’s dead serious.

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