Why the response to Ukraine but not Crimea?

Can anyone tell me why there is such a big social response to the Ukraine invasion but there wasn’t a similar response the Crimea invasion?

Or is my perception of the situation out of tune with reality?



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  1. My perception is that the Crimea invasion was much more anticipated, and because Crimea is small, cut off from Europe, and not a huge source of natural resources or commodities, nobody cared much. Ukraine is large, has a ton of super valuable resources, and butts right up against Europe. More recently, there are lots of tech companies linked to Ukraine either by contract or direct employment of Ukrainians. Makes it much easier to pay attention when folks at work are saying “Gotta go, they’re shelling my parents.”

    Also, the history of that area is a mess. Crimea has gone back and forth between “we’re part of Russia” and “we’re not part of Russia” at least a half dozen times in the past 150 years or so, which makes it easier to view them as generally “in play.”


  2. I believe because the Crimea invasion was much more subtle, and semi-deniable.

    This invasion is just that much more blatant, and obviously an empire-building exercise, while the Crimean invasion was more of a salami-slicing approach.

    The need for the present administration to whip up furor to distract from current economic problems might have something to do with it as well.


  3. There was still a money maker for the military-industrial complex going on in the middle east.
    Also not so much in the US that they need distracting to foreign shores.

    All that said, we were a party to Ukraine giving it’s nukes to Russia in exchange for Russia “promising” to respect it’s borders. Is there wiggle room to avoid getting involved? Yes.
    But do we want to let them get away with this, when they’re obviously partnered with China overall?

    If we’re going to ship them weapons, along with half of NATO, then lets not mess about.
    Lend-lease them a couple of brigades worth of M1 tanks )and related supplies and support equipment). I (an ex-tanker) will happily go over to lend a hand as a volunteer.

  4. It’s simple. The left has woken up to the reality that Putin is a existential threat to their continued world dominance. Putin views them, the West, and the Ukraine as corrupt and decadent. He is already restoring Christendom in Russia and intends to do the same in the Ukraine. Alternative lifestyles and gender studies are NOT welcome in his world.

  5. 1) The Baby Boomers hate the Ruskies, and 2) this is a coordinated propaganda ploy aimed not at Russia but at China and their constant movements towards Taiwan.

    The Russians are not swayed by propaganda. A military analysis shows they are moving faster than the Israelis in the Six Day War and with better results. As a country rich in resources, they hold many power keys to many countries.

    The official story is always a lie here in the US.

  6. A whole bunch of reasons. This is a really good video to explain some of the major historical, geographical, geological, economic, hydrological, military, and political factors in the mix. It’s pretty balanced, does not get off into the weeds, has some good maps and illustrative pics and vids, gives a great geo-pol-mil overview. And the two items are actually quite related. You can skip the parts where he’s flogging a course he sells because if he put the stuff on YT it would get strikes, demonetized, or age-restricted. Glossed over is the likelihood that the color revolutions were likely US covert ops.

  7. The mystery to me is why so many conservatives are buying into obvious propaganda from people they profess to loathe- media, Deep State, WEF, and even George Soros.

    There may be some truth in what AP says about the boomers who lived most of their lives under the Soviet Sword of Damocles (I am one.) and the constant confusion through the Cold War of Soviets vs Russians. However, it doesn’t fit with the other common trope about boomers as commies and the constant harping about Putin being KGB.

  8. I can think of a bunch of reasons. One is that Putin has been doing this sort of thing repeatedly — Georgia, Crimea, East Ukraine, now all of Ukraine. Beat a mule long enough and eventually he’ll figure out something.
    Another reason, as others have pointed out, is that this new invasion is on a much larger scale.
    A big piece, I suspect, is the fact that Putin is actually getting serious resistance. Having the victim roll over is not conducive to much sympathy; having him shoot back is.
    It helps that people openly admit that Biden is an idiot, while they were hesitant to say that about Obama.
    Also, a bunch of people now understand the interconnectedness of things. It isn’t a question of Ukraine alone; if Ukraine is abandoned, Taiwan will be next. But if Ukraine resists well as it is doing now, China will have second thoughts about attempting to conquer Taiwan.
    And finally, I suspect some people understand Putin’s real motivation: his mortal fear of democracy next door.

    • And after watching democracy in action last year Putin’s supposed to do what? Then we accuse him of rigging elections?
      After watching Canada and the rest of the west on Covid?
      Almost every democratic western country is inches away from the same totalitarian mess that were accusing Putin of.
      Remember, Putin’s was KGB. What’s going on in the west was designed by them to destroy us. And it’s working.
      We are the elites trying to take over Russia. And were no better than Putin. Actually, worse in many ways.
      Call him what you like. But if I were him, I wouldn’t let the west’s evil clown-show anywhere near my country either.

  9. I’m thinking the left sees this as a chance to “Wag the Dog” to distract from the disaster Biden and the Dems have become. Basically I think they see it as a Hail Mary to salvage the upcoming midterms.

  10. I think you all missed it. Ukraine was the biggest grift and money laundering nation. Remember when it was reported that Romney, Pelosi and others kids were working for Ukie companies in no show jobs. Let alone hunter bidet’s grift for the big guy. They all know it’s over if putin succeeds at recovering two area’s with russian descendants that were being genocided, the donnbass area that are loyal to russia.

    They lose the grift is the reason for the hell raising.

  11. Ukraine didn’t try to fight in 2014. They are fighting now, and it makes more sense to support people who are at least trying to save themselves.

  12. As for Crimea. Notice how Obama, (the elite’s meat-puppet), started the Arab spring. It went into Syria. And if everything had worked.
    Russia’s naval base there would be no more. And Israel would be surrounded. As ISIS would have gone after Jordan also.
    That would leave the Russian navy cut-off from the Mediterranean sea. Crimea is Russia’s only ice-free port. But it still has to go through the Bosphorus strait. Losing Crimea would isolate them from the Black sea. And leave them ice-locked.
    Unable to protect their only source of income, oil.
    Chechnya, Georga, all the same game by western elites. Getting the same response from Russia.
    But mostly because they didn’t put up enough election fraud to put Hillary in office. And now that they did for Biden, we start where we left off 4 years ago.
    Behind every dollar is a unit of energy. And if you would control China and India as emerging markets. Your going to have to control that energy.
    Right now, Russia is that source.
    And it’s resource rich for the next 500 years of expansion.
    Think the elite’s greed has missed any of that?

  13. I just figured with covid winding down, the press needed something new to occupy air time… And Jimmy makes a good point. The shitlibs will now blame general inflation, supply shortages, and outrageous gas prices on ‘the war’ instead of asinine liberal policy.

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