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  1. the larger the ego, the bigger the chickenshit asshole hiding behind it. “tennesseine.” case in point.

    as for myself, i have to admit to being distinctly average in “personal endowments,” but the little fellow fathered children and has given me pleasure and gotten me into large amounts of trouble on several occasions, despite not being huge or even large.

    as my dad always said, it is a very poor workman who blames his tools.

    as to guns, i have always been something of a moderate, liking rifles in the .270 win, .280 rem and the timeless old .30-06, and really appreciating the 7mm rem mag for use on elk … a matchless rifle/caliber combination in my view.

    i like good looking women who look like women, and who are intelligent …. why i have been married and divorced, twice, i suppose. oh, well, life cannot be perfect.

    so, if i have been subject to the trials, tribulations and vicissitudes of life why should i have to be subject to the blandishments of idiots like this “tennesseine.” it is an affront to my sensibilities that i have to share the available oxygen with dullards like this.

    it has spread throughout the society. maxine waters, who most definitely has a room temperature i.q., has jumped all over a conservative congresswoman for being a dangerous, extreme & outrageous conservative, who i happen to find a breath of fresh air for expressing her views. which are much like mine, and millions of my fellows. in this case, maxine should reflect for a moment ….. what if she is correct? then her time on the stage may blessedly be coming to an end.

    this observation from a dangerous, extreme radical who is getting damned tired of ms. water’s idiocy and finds her presence in congress as an affront, as do i view the idiocy of “tennesseine.” why should i tolerate him another damned second.

    after all, in his views, i have the “big guns.” damn straight. stat that, “tennesseine.” if push comes to shove, i will do my own shoving.

    p.s. you will note that i use the name my parents gave me, openly. i am proud of it, and i do not hide behind any “nom de plume.” (i love the phrase, feather/quill pen, and all that.)

  2. Well non the less. Me and the wife love the little guy. And that’s all that matters.
    As for guns. Tessy and friends should remember no one will bother prying their cold dead dick from their hands. Cause when it comes shoot’in time. All they gots a penis.
    Talking parts done, bitches.

  3. Well then; Oops! I’d better get carbine versions of all my rifles, and the compact version of my 10mm pistol, and then trade my 44 Magnum in for a 357, so my wife of over 30 years won’t think my penis is too small!

    Apparently, penis size, and sex in general, is the most important and over-riding issue for leftists, and they’re projecting their sex obsession upon their political opponents (or they’re pretending to, which I believe is the more likely). I wonder if they’ll ever understand that some of us don’t care, and instead look upon them as ridiculous.

    And again, apparently the American founders were so sex obsessed that they felt it necessary to enshrine their obsession with “big guns” into the U.S. constitution. Right, so immediately after defeating what was at the time the most powerful military in the world, American leaders felt so sex-shamed because of their small penises that they needed to compensate by writing and ratifying the second amendment! This is worse than living one’s life all the time in Neverland. The Lost Boys at least were living some decent, more wholesome fantasies!

    Nope. I don’t believe that even the leftists are truly that stupid. I’ll readily grant to them the benefit of the doubt, and allow that they may have some little bit of intelligence, and therefore I have to conclude that they’re extremely bad at play-acting or being coy when they attempt such insults.

    I think it comes down to a simple, tactical reality in their war against liberty. These children have an allegiance with the forces of evil which need to disarm the population before they can fully control things, and so they’re going to do whatever comes to mind to de-humanize the targets of their ire. For a young person, that often means that sex is foremost in mind, and so they’ll reflexively blurt out whatever sexual insults they can make up on the spot. Being not well versed in the English language or American culture (because public education), it’s going to be ignorant. Eventually, if they don’t wise up and “come out of Babylon”, all that’ll remain of them is total ignorance, a firm belief in lies, wild and implausible fantasies, and a murderous hatred for anything which smacks of reality or truth.

  4. Of course you could have only the smallest of guns in the lightest of calibers, and they’d hate you every bit as much.

    Deprive them of one ridiculous reason to hate you and they’ll come up with ten more.

  5. Revelation 18:2;
    “ And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”

    There is precedent in the Bible for why it says “is fallen” twice in a row (“Mene, Mene,” in Daniel 5:25 for example) but you’d have to be interested in study to understand it.

    There was a time when the entire Protestant world understood these things very well, but no one wants to go THERE anymore! It’s too politically incorrect, uncomfortable and inconvenient, even for the “conservatives” and the “fundamentalists”, who are no longer either conservative or fundamentalist due to the great Overton Window shift, i.e. “pragmatism”.

  6. If Freud was a gun owner…he might diagnose the quoter:

    “Sounds like a classic case of ‘penis envy’.”

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