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Thomas Massie and Lauren Boebert, two of the most blatantly fascistic Republican members of Congress, are dreaming of a White Christmas — with the emphasis on “White.”

In the spirit of holiday cheer, Massie and Boebert recently shared family Christmas photos on social media — in which every family member is brandishing a gun. There’s nothing unique about them. Such a “tradition” is fairly common among a particular subculture of American gun fetishists and “ammosexuals.” This is but another symptom of America’s unhealthy infatuation with gun violence.

Chauncey DeVega
December 24, 2021
White supremacist Christmas: Those Boebert and Massie “gun photos” are a direct threat
[Reading the article was like reading about the trial in Darkness at Noon, propaganda from Nazi Germany, or the twisted reality described by the mentally ill. It is an elaborate tale constructed upon the flimsiest of scaffolding for evil purposes or from a delusional mind.

Even the pictures supplied were distorted.

These are the pictures supplied for the article:

The pictures supplied by Boebert and Massie:



It is my belief normal people are catching on to the disconnect from reality. The political left cannot bear to slow “progress” and push their delusions all the harder. Furthering the rife between reality and their “progress”.

This will not end well. Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chauncey DeVega

  1. I just like how their apparent frustration has them so openly self identifying now.
    Someone should send a ‘Thank You’ card to whoever this Chauncey DeVega is.

  2. Massie has a beltfed. M60? Nice AntifaBLM chopper.
    I wonder if this is purely staged or if he really has that.,
    Either way…Nice.

    • From reports by some of his constituents, he’s pretty big into NFA firearms. I’d venture the Pig is real…. and his.

  3. One need only look at Africa and how people have to live there….. To want a really White Supremist Christmas. And everyone of every color has never had it better than right here in good old white racist gun toting America, thank you.
    Anything other and Mr. Devega would be rotting in a ditch somewhere for the useless commie idiot he is.
    So, Merry Christmas! From a White racist Ammosexual, 5th. Generation Glockcasian.
    Something tells me Mr. Devega is going to be even less happy about white racist Americans changing their color to camouflage?

  4. “This will not end well. Prepare appropriately.—Joe”

    I concur. Have you an ETA or a suggestion for what event to watch for to indicate the Rubicon has been crossed and Festivities are imminent?

    • Nope.

      And the end may be less “festive” and more “slogging through the swamp to get to the other side”. I just don’t know, and I don’t think anyone does, or even can, know.

      I’m hoping it will be a year or more before things get really bad. In that time frame I think I get prepared enough such that my immediate family will have decent odds to survive most scenarios.

  5. One thing we might point to is the agreement to give up east Germany by the Russians was that NATO would move no farther east.
    Putin just warned that we are violating that agreement by pushing into Ukraine.
    NATO is saying they made no such agreement.
    The question stands. Can we expect the next war to stay outside the US?
    And what form would that take?
    Cyber, electric grid? Wouldn’t need to put troops here.
    And I would not put it passed the globals so as to have someone to blame it all on.
    Timeframe? Certainly while Biden /Harris appear to be in charge.

  6. Mr. Devega thinks a meme photo is, “blatantly fascistic”, and representative of white power over everyone else?
    And forgets his rhetoric is so blatantly communist?
    What he seems to forget is that there is almost no one to convince anymore. A 100 million people made up their minds on election night 2020. And won’t be going back to being shamed into poverty.
    He’s lucky were still trying to vote our way out of this mess.
    One wonders if the defense at trial will be equally as impotent as his articles?

  7. Interesting that DeVega conflates “peacably exercising 2nd Amendment rights” with racial supremacy/fascism (“‘White Christmas’ … emphasis on ‘White'”).

    I saw nothing in either photo set to indicate they were racially-motivated threats.

    If DeVega is seeing “white supremacist” threats in any image of peacably armed white people, I propose the “threats” are in DeVega’s own mind, not the images or the people depicted in them.

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