COVID-19 treated by Amorphous Calcium Carbonate

It’s a small sample size but the results are looking extremely good:

All 18 COVID-19 patients hospitalized with moderate or severe symptoms who received the drug Amor-18 developed by Israeli biotech company Amorphical recovered and were discharged in a few days, the company announced on Wednesday. Of the 19 individuals who were given a placebo, six had to be transferred to intensive care, and two died.

As part of compassionate care, two other patients in a very serious condition were given the drug. Both recovered and were discharged.

“Since the patients treated with the drug recovered within a few days and were released to their home, this was 100% successful,” said Dr. Nashat Abu Saleh, co-director of the coronavirus department at Ziv Medical Center in Safed, where the phase II clinical trial was conducted.

Amor-18, which uses Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) as the main ingredient, was administered orally or by inhalation. As explained by the company, ACC has the ability to modulate acidic pH changes around each cell. These changes affect the capability of COVID-19 to penetrate the cells and replicate. This allows the drug to prevent the virus from spreading and thus the patients from deteriorating.

It looks as if it is available as a dietary supplement. It is more expensive than I had expected but it is available now and without a prescription

If all the above is true this is going to be some serious competition to the big pharma drugs.


18 thoughts on “COVID-19 treated by Amorphous Calcium Carbonate

  1. Never see it here. The FDA will make sure of that. There are PLENTY of cheap effective treatments that WORK…..all of them explicitly banned for use in treatment of Covid by the FDA and the AMA…..on threat of loss of licensure.

      • I didn’t say never see the report. I was referring to the fact that we’ll never see this approved for use as a treatement here…..just like anyone using Ivermectin or Hydroxycholoroquin has those meds STOLEN by the USPS responding to FDA pressure and if a licensed professional has their license to practice revoke. You use to be able to get Ivermectin without an RX….try finding it now. No…any cheap effective treatement for Covid is rapidly made unobtainable by the criminals in power.

  2. Having trouble with FDA approval? Try the hardware store. It’s called lime. It’s the basic ingredient in concrete.
    Better known as CA++. And when mixed with water it turns to CA-OH, plus heat.
    And if it’s allowed to react in the folds of your skin it can cause severe burns we use to call concrete burns, or concrete poisoning.
    And acts like flesh eating bacteria. Imagine what it does to a poor virus?
    It sucks the moisture out of everything it contacts.
    Go put a little on an open cut. Then realize one of the only ways to stop it from burning is to pour vinegar on it. Warning. You might pee yourself.
    It hurts bad. Just for a shorter duration than the original burn does.
    If seen grown men go to the emergency room over it.
    Targeting just the virus would seem the real challenge.

      • Your right. It is. But I would almost bet you a $100 to a horse turd that the active ingredient is the CA+ cation.
        Interesting none the less. And good so much knowledge is being gained by the public at large.

  3. Will CDC approve it on an emergency use criteria, authorize its use for treatment, or at least not take away licenses when doctors recommend it?

    I’d say that it is unlikely. US officialdom rarely discusses treatment in a positive light and then only if it is high tech. Their focus is on testing and vaccines with mandates of masks and social distancing.

    • It’s currently available without a prescription. Check out the website.

      Oh, and it would be the FDA doing the (dis)approval.

      • Yes I know. I almost ordered it.

        It’s still quite important that these things get approval. What upsets me is that the emphasis has been only on the high tech vaccine and not on treatments from the beginning. In fact, it seems that officialdom has gone out of their way to discourage treatment.

  4. It seems the good of all this is that the public at large is gaining knowledge about home-cures. That they never would have gotten in any other way.
    Dr. Zelenko has shown us that taking Quercetin, (a food grade unregulated product) With zinc, inhabits cell growth at all stages of ANY virus!
    So not just covid. But any cold or flu we might encounter in the future.
    He explained that trying to get zinc into the cell was the problem. It was like mixing oil and water.
    But the Quercetin acted like a hypodermic needle for injecting zinc directly into the cell. Which is what actually inhabits the cell growth. Once again, Of ANY virus, at ANY stage.
    Between this, Horse paste, Amorphous calcium carbonate, and who knows how many other things will come to light. Fauci and friends are wiping out billions in future profits. And making it possible for older people to live much longer than most would like. As many times it’s a virus that finishes you off.
    To funny.

    • And think how far those Big Pharma companies will go to protect tens of billions in sales and billions of $ a year in profits? Think they won’t lie, cheat, steal, murder, buy congress-critters and DAs and cops and lawyers and judges and regulators? All that and more, I’m sure.

      • Yes, absolutely. But they over played their hand this time. Momma knows how to cure colds and flu now. Cheap. 210 million India-ns ain’t wrong. No matter what corporate says.

  5. Cool, so if you’re a professor who uses a chalk board a lot, or the poor kid who cleans the erasers, you’re covered. I’ve done both, so I figure I’m immune for life. (Makes as much sense as anything else ever said about COVID, so shut up)

  6. Can anyone recommend a source for the Amorphous Calcium Carbonate? I see lots of calcium Carbonate but the amorphous part is harder. Thanks

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