Quote of the day—spectacles_gaze

Use firearms to establish a dictatorship of the proletariat, and then disarm the populace. Keep a standing military to prevent foreign meddling.

December 19, 2021
Reddit comment in r/socialism Thoughts on gun control.
[I think that says almost all you need to know about their views. It’s also consistent with other socialist/communist governments.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—spectacles_gaze

  1. It makes me think of the quote from the Polish Mercenary Rafael Gan-Ganowicz…

    “[When asked how it felt to take human life]

    “I wouldn’t know, I’ve only killed communists.
    Rafał Gan-Ganowicz””

    Now we won’t have to venture overseas, we can hunt over baited fields in our own neighborhoods.

    Jeff B.

  2. Does not this line of argument stem from foreign meddling? Aside from being about 4th grade logic.

  3. Hahahahaha, that’s some funny crap there. Once the warm fuzzy wears off comes froggy time there Gazey. Think your up for the work?.
    Wonder if it’s transgender enough to be on Bidens staff? They could replace Miley with this one. Military genius he seems to be.
    Hahahahaha. Where do these people come from? To funny.
    And I thought I was prone to stupid ideas. Ha!
    Is that what you would call a freshman communist?

  4. Whoever claws his way to the top of the heap of clawing struggling thugs can then say, imitating Louis XVI, “The Proletariat cest moi!”

      • Non other than!. Mr. Faux-Chi — Fake Spirit — probably thinks back to all the brown-nosing he had to do getting to his top political position and even though he’s way past his sell-by date he wants to savor the power and the glory as long as he can.

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