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We could also tell the story of a 14 year old boy and his mother shot and killed with the father and an adult friend of the family seriously wounded. This was because an ATF paid informant convinced the father to shorten a shotgun barrel such that it was 1/8” too short to be in compliance with the law.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of stories which, while most are not as tragic, are still grave injustices.


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  1. One can only imagine Lori Lightfoot getting her way? We need the ATF to come to Chi-town and fix the gun problem? Ha!
    They might even get me to watch CNN for that one.
    Someone should send her that picture.

  2. Or a few”government employees” we are paying to be on the clock on 1/6/21 at the steps in D.C.

  3. Perhaps Ms. Lightfoot wants to supplant Mrs. O’Leary in Chicago’s historical lore?

  4. “with the father and an adult friend of the family seriously wounded”

    and the father having to hire a top-shelf attorney to keep him out of jail.

    the $3.1 million settlement he got from the government afterward doesn’t begin to compensate for the loss of son, wife, and liberty.

    • And Bill Barr managed to deep-six the criminal charges against one of the government agents.

    • The real historic part of all that was Weaver’s defense attorney, Gerry Spence.
      When asked to present his defense at trial, replied. “The prosecution has already done that for me.” Then rested the case.
      And without admitting guilt. The government tendered the settlement of 3.1 million to Weaver.
      Which gave light to the gun world meme; Hey Janet, The government didn’t do anything to me either. Where’s my 3 mil.?
      And between Ruby Ridge and Waco the BATF/government got the horror story PR they were looking for. (Ask any Madison ave. ad agency. It was worth the 3 million.)
      Murdering bitches.

      • ” …got the horror story PR they were looking for.”

        My conclusion is that it didn’t accomplish what they were expecting. Over the succeeding years I have heard that those two stories were what drove lots of people to begin to acquire, and train with, military pattern rifles.

        My perception is that it was considered a small side line of firearms collecting until the pushes of potential bans and seeing those abuses. Suddenly they were mainstream in the gun world. You might say the .gov encountered the “Streisand Effect” !

        Notice that their response has been to add swat teams to every single .gov dept that the Feds have. I wonder if that signifies how nervous the pols are these days?

  5. Correction: the father didn’t illegally shorten the barrel, the informant chopped it down further on the direct orders of his FLEA handlers.

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