Quote of the day—Debbie Mizrahie

I’ve always been anti-gun. But I am right now in the process of getting myself shooting lessons because I now understand that there may be a need for me to know how to defend myself and my family. We’re living in fear.

Debbie Mizrahie
Beverly Hills
December 9, 2021
Beverly Hills residents arming themselves with guns in wake of violence
[Ms. Mizrahie, welcome to the right side of history!—Joe]


20 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Debbie Mizrahie

  1. AND: Welcome to the right side of ethics!
    History can always drag people down through the crapper, but the ethics of liberty and personal freedom don’t change.

    • One who buys a gun simply out of fear does not magically transition from a leftist agitator / fascist authoritarian into a principled American patriot/libertarian with a love of the tenth commandment. In fact we have little to no data on the probability of such a transition. More likely is that they’re now just another armed leftist, of which I presume there’s an increasing number.

      Therefore when we lobby for more people to arm themselves without regard for which side they’re on (and not having a clear definition of the two sides at all), and when the SHTF, we’ll now have more of a problem.

  2. Then there’s the whole process of buying a gun (legally) in California.
    And of course, good luck getting a permit in that county.

    Then again, perhaps she knows someone who knows someone.

      • I thought the Beverly Hills sheriff was known for being accommodating on permits. Neil Schulman mentioned this in his description of the Santa Monica county permit board, which prided itself on issuing no permits at all for years — until he caught one of the board members going to the BH Sheriff to get a permit for himself. He figured that this would avoid the shame of his own board approving just one permit — for a member. But some nice person told Neil who got it printed in the papers. 🙂

  3. A good start. But someone needs to remind Debbie how we got here. As Beverly hills, and Hollywood played a major roll in creating this shit-show.
    But more important is her willingness to examine herself. As Californians changing circumstances without changing their true thought processes are legend.
    Meaning, They get scared, move to Oregon. Buy guns. Then vote for Kate Brown and legal drugs.
    I wish Debbie all the best. But as the Zen master said; we’ll see.

    • They can’t vote for Kate Brown anymore; she’s term-limited. But OR House Speaker Tina Kotek will probably get the nod from the Democrat Party, and if her legislative agenda is any indication, she’ll likely be even worse than Kate. On everything. (Which is saying something!)

  4. Beverly Hills residents have organized themselves, block-by-block and in nine city zones, for self-defense. The emergency preparedness committees,…

    What the line about a ‘liberal’ is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet?

    These poor progressives forming the Beverly Hills version of ¡Grupos de Autodefensas! has such an schadenfreude quality to it. They helped to vote that DA into office and they sowed to the wind. Now they’re reaping the whirlwind.

      • “The mostly-white people of Beverly Hills are forming a heavily-armed Militia!!!”

        FTFY. Now the FBI should be more interested. 😉

        • Remember, ALL white people are White Supremacists.
          The FBI may not even wait for next week to look into the matter.

  5. God I hate these people. They’re perfectly fine with the bail reform and other soft on crime nonsense until it’s their neighborhood that gets hit. I guarantee that none of them have said a peep about these sorts of crimes in the past, when only the working class suffered it regularly. Now they get to pay for private security on top of the already high taxes, and the little guy is still screwed.

    • I reserve judgment here. I have long said that there are some people with whom I would go hunting, even though they owe me money. There are others I am unhappy they know where the kitchen knives are.
      About this soon to be new gun owner, as to which group she is in, as MTHead said, “We’ll see.”

  6. Wait til she encounters all the bureaucratic nonsense that CA mandates prior to being allowed to simply buy a gun, especially a handgun, let alone the permission slip needed to tote one around. Not to mention the time the gun sits in gaol before being allowed to get possession of it.
    Oh, yeah, forgot about the new laws on buying ammo…

  7. Nobody should be welcoming this scrunt to anything. This waste of skin is still anti gun….for everyone but people SHE thinks should have a gun. Given half a chance she’d STILL disarm ALL OF US while keeping HER GUN.

  8. I say it’s time to ban all guns in California and let the Progressives wallow in their own policies. At that point, of course, only criminals will have guns. It’s been the left’s goal all along. Why should California’s leftist elites be allowed to escape that rot which they’ve so strenuously and continually perpetrated on others?

  9. And also yes– It’s the Beverly Hills Militia!

    Jed Clampett could be their commander-in chief. As a fictional character he’d be the perfect pick! Granny could command the women’s corps.

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