Quote of the day—Hugo Gurdon

Righting the listing ship of state requires that we once again recognize that process, tedious though it may be to political hotheads, is more important than temporary victories and defeats on policy. The idea that results alone are important is the same as saying might makes right. It is the maxim of bullies and tyrants. It is not the political philosophy on which America long stood and should still stand.

Hugo Gurdon
November 17, 2021
Damn the evidence, convict the white supremacist


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Hugo Gurdon

  1. “Gross and shocking as the Left’s mendacity is, it cannot be said to be unexpected. It displays yet again something that has been clear for decades.”

    Ok, so which is it? Does the mendacity of the Romish left come as a shock, or have its mindset and behavior been clear for decades and are thus thoroughly and utterly predictable? Surely it can’t be both at the same time.

    Would it shock you to find that a lit match thrown on a gasoline soaked haystack resulted in a fire? Are you “shocked” every evening when the sun goes down, and again every morning when it rises? Sunrise and sunset could be said to be extreme events in that the difference between the two literally defines the difference between night and day, but if you find them shocking then perhaps there’s something wrong with you.

    If we’re walking around shocked (i.e. stunned, taken by surprise, back on our heels, paralyzed) all the time in the face of thoroughly predictable events, are we not thus rendered ineffectual and helpless, hysterical, quivering blobs of emotion unable to react appropriately? And if we’re shocked at the thoroughly demonstrable and predictable, which furthermore has been prophesied for millennia (not mere decades), then how will we react to the real surprises which are just over the horizon?

    Overall I’m not impressed. While the author makes some good points, the article seems to have been written for the purpose of blaming both sides.

    But then, maybe he has a better, underlying point in exposing the fake dialectic without mentioning it openly. But in that case he’s leaving out any mention of the right side altogether.

  2. Sorry, Trying to win this great argument of state by using logic and clear-headed discussion, is a loser from the beginning. (I guess he didn’t watch the Yuri video?)
    And something that tyrant’s and bullies everywhere would love you to forget. Is that on a macro scale,” might” doesn’t give a shit about “right”.
    It never has, and it never will.
    A good punch in the throat works every time.

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