How to Lie About Guns

By Frank Melloni:

How to Lie About Guns, New York Times Style

One of the easiest ways to lie and not get sued for libel is to simply do so through exclusion. The New York Times is famous for this and if you don’t know enough about guns they can make things sound pretty bad, just by leaving out a little bit of information. In the wake of the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict we ought to brush up on the tactics of far-left media.


2 thoughts on “How to Lie About Guns

  1. Again, we’re self-confused as to what’s going on in the world. The author of that article is a good example of such confusion as he refers to “poor” journalism here, verses “tactics” and “manipulation” there.

    Which is it, Melloni? Are they just lousy, dumb journalists, or are they doing a pretty good job at organized, directed, systematic, cultural and psychological manipulation?

    I predict that, right up to the very end, we’ll remain confused as to whether the left consists of blithering, ignorant fools or master manipulators skillfully executing a global plan. And we’ll insist on staying that way.

    Our problem is a fairly simple one.

    It is very easy to sit back and point and laugh at journalists and politicians for being “ignorant” or for failing to do even the most basic research which any freshman journalist knows is the foundation of his profession, and so on. In fact the lampooning of the “idiot” left is downright entertaining, and some people make a good living at it.

    On the other hand, if we’ve been facing a globally organized movement, bent on undoing the free, Protestant West, and if that movement knows exactly what it’s doing, well then we have a very, very different situation on our hands, don’t we? It certainly wouldn’t be anything to laugh at. It would be deadly serious and it would require immediate, globally organized action.

    The latter assessment would mean we must strive to uncover the conspiracy, find out who’s leading it, and arrest them, or more likely, kill them. But that would be extremely difficult. The Romish “left” has had centuries to establish her network of associations and to lock down her power base, and what do we have in that regard, if anything? We have a few “right wing” pundits who love to point and laugh, and get paid for it, and that’s about it. Clowns. Literally, we have clowns.

    And so, we must be satisfied with sitting back and laughing at the “stupid” people who are taking over the world. It’s much easier, and it feeds our egos better than admitting we’ve been duped all our lives and couldn’t do a thing about it.

    As soon as we accuse them of being involved in organized, calculated propagation of lies, and global manipulation, we become “conspiracy theorists” and NO ONE wants to be a conspiracy theorist. That make things difficult, and dangerous, and for another thing we’d be fingering some of the most popular people and institutions in the world. Who wants to do THAT?

    And so, never mind what you know and can readily discover; you’d better stick to pointing and laughing, or else you’re in for it.

    Another major hurdle we have in even admitting to ourselves what’s happening, let alone actually doing anything about it, is that the world’s conspiracy involves religions and their leaders. And you don’t go after specific religions because, as you know, it’s beyond the pale to publicly criticize well established, traditional, popular religions. It’s unfashionable, and we loves us some “cultural fashion”. Now in addition to being “anti-science” you’ll have to be “anti” all the worlds great religions. All at once. And where does that leave you? You certainly can’t be a professional clown, and so your voice won’t be heard.

    • I don’t believe the actions are the result of a top-down plan with explicit direction to 100s of thousands or millions of people. Such a situation would have resulted in at least some leaks and “traitors” revealing hard proof and some of the details of this massive conspiracy.

      However, I think it is possible a mass delusion is occurring. Such things have been very common throughout human history.

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