James D. Zirin of The Hill is a liar

It starts with the headline and continues nearly non-stop with the lies:

A miscarriage of justice in Kenosha

The unimaginable has occurred. Kyle Rittenhouse, the admitted killer of two men and maimer of a third, has been acquitted on all counts.

It certainly was imaginable to me and millions of others. After the videos came out it was crystal clear to anyone who had a glimmer of knowledge about the use of lethal force in self defense. The author is a former federal prosecutor and cannot possibly claim ignorance of the law.

On Aug. 25, 2020, Rittenhouse armed himself with a borrowed AR-15-style assault rifle loaded with full metal jacket armor-penetrating ammunition and marched into downtown Kenosha, Wis.

FMJ bullets are not “armor-penetrating”.

An AR-15 is the same kind of gun, in design and function, that our troops carry in the field. But Rittenhouse from the evidence had never undergone any training, military or otherwise, in the use and operation of the deadly weapon, which was illegally purchased and given to him by a friend.

It is not the same kind of gun and does not function the same as any rifle used by any military in at least the last 60 years.

As a (formerly) certified firearms instructor I can say with 100% certainty this was not the first time Rittenhouse had used a firearm. Some people, and I agree with this, say:

Based on the videos I’ve seen Rittenhouse is one of the best weapons handlers under pressure I’ve ever seen.

This was not an untrained person.

The gun was not illegal purchased. There was nothing illegal in any of the transfers of that firearm.

One shot might have qualified as self-defense, but four shots, it would appear, doth a murder make.

False. This was drilled into my General Defensive Handgun classmates and I back in ‘97:

If it ever becomes times to shoot someone, do they need to be shot a little? Or a lot?  If that time comes you should shoot early and often — until the threat is over.  If you shoot a “set”, such as a double tap, you may stop shooting too soon.

Zirin is a former attorney. Having watched the trial we can conclude his education must have been suitably refreshed. That he still claims such falsehoods is evidence of deliberate lies.

Although his second victim, Anthony Huber, was “armed” only with a skateboard, Rittenhouse claimed he shot him dead because he believed Huber was threatening his life.

Rittenhouse was on the ground and Huber hit him in the head with the skateboard. This is clearly lethal force. You are legally allowed, and I would say morally obligated, to defend innocent life using lethal force when confronted with lethal force by your attackers. Zirin learned this in the trial as well because he quoted the judge saying essentially the same thing. The only question here is, “What is the objective of these lies by Zirin?”

The trial was highlighted by emotional and illuminating testimony from Rittenhouse himself, who wept as he protested that he had acted in self-defense when he fatally shot Rosenbaum not once but four times. Rosenbaum had thrown a plastic bag at him and chased him.

Lying by omission. Zirin left out the part about Rosenbaum threating to kill him, then chasing him, and finally attempting to take Rittenhouse’s rifle.

I find it interesting and someone comforting that the poll taken at the end of the article shows I’m not the only one taking issue with this liar:



9 thoughts on “James D. Zirin of The Hill is a liar

  1. This is part of the Leftist concept that anyone who would kill is unstable and as in Kenosha would resist the “righteous” action of the Leftist Storm Troopers. Thus, the current crime surge doesn’t require prosecution of urban criminals, it requires the disarmament of the entire population. The firearms are too dangerous to allow to be in the hands of anyone. Of course, this goes along with their belief that they have the only rational, scientific approach to controlling the entire population. Anyone who disagrees is, by definition, unbalanced and a threat to the correct thinking Leftists.. It is part of their package. If you resist their “righteous” approach, you are an opponent who cannot be trusted. You are wrong and they are right. And you have no right to use lethal force in defense because that deprives the person you shot of the opportunity to join the “righteous”. You are of no value (to them) and a threat.

    The entire Kenosha persecution was a threat to any other opponent who would dare resist the righteous action of the Leftist Storm Troopers. The dead men were obviously “turning their lives around”, but Kyle shot them.

    Makes it hard to recruit righteous looters and arsonists. Kenosha had been a Democratic area until they swung to support President Trump. They had to be punished. I am amused that the Leftist/Democratic Governor called out the National Guard to protect the expected BLM rioters, I suspect because he had an suspicion that both the local police and residents were likely to protect “their” town when the thugs returned. The BLM thugs are one thing, but I suspect that the Governor was worried about the fate of the hired transport and the drivers. If buses and vans were trashed, it would be difficult to hire rides, “next time”. Plus the contractors delivering pallets of bricks for the festivities would also be at risk.

    All in all, the screaming about Kyle was probably just a theatrical distraction.

  2. It is dangerous to remain in the same country with people like this. We need the National Divorce.

  3. Technically, rifle rounds are ‘armor penetrating’, because of their nature; they have more sand in their pockets than a pistol round, and most civilian body armor simply won’t stop a rifle round (even the venerable .30-30 and .30-06 are ‘armor piercing’ by their nature).

    His context is of course false. It’s like referring to an SUV as ‘armor piercing’ (SWIDT?) since body armor won’t save you if it hits you.

    • He claimed was about FMJ rounds. Soft point, hollow point, and varmint bullets out of this rifle will all penetrate soft body armor. The FMJ claim is to deliberately cast Rittenhouse in a bad light.

      Furthermore, legally this is not true (assuming ‘piercing’ is the legal equivalent of ‘penetrating’) even if rifle rounds will penetrate some body armor.

      He is a lawyer and is deliberately constructing a big lie on smaller lies.

      • He claims a lot of things.

        I can also claim to be the King of Narnia, but I don’t see a lion showing up any time soon for the coronation. 🙂

        But yes, he is a liar. My mind was going back to one of Kevin Baker’s pointed rants, specifically about Ted Drunkennedy.

    • There is a specific legal definition for “armor piercing” ammunition and stock FMJ rifle ammo ain’t it.

      Yes, it can penetrate soft body armor that was never intended or rated to stop rifle rounds. A hollow point .44 magnum can defeat level II body armor, does that make .44 mag hollow points “armor piercing”?

      • Upon further review, that’s probably why he used the term “armor penetrating”. He was being misleading rather than technically lying.

        Again, common tactic of the anti-gunners, use weasel words that are intended to be misleading without being outright dishonest.

        That’s where the term “assault weapon” came from after all.

  4. “loaded with full metal jacket armor-penetrating ammunition and marched into downtown Kenosha, Wis.”

    They love this stuff. If Kyle had been using soft points or hollow points, they would have claimed they are inhumane “dum dum” rounds that are banned by the Geneva Convention.

    It’s directly from the anti-gunner playbook. They find something to vilify about every single type of weapon and ammo, that way when they’re advocating for some specific policy they can claim “we’re not infringing your rights, we’re only banning this one specific thing, you’ve still got all the others” but then the next day they’re advocating for a ban on the others for different reasons…which ultimately would result in everything being banned, while they pretend like that’s not the goal.

  5. What everyone misses in the ammo argument is that Kyle and his friend, like most people are tightwads when it comes to ammo. And FMJ is the cheapest ammo available.
    Good hollow points are double the price of FMJ’s.
    Going into how the military designed FMJ to not go through people would have bored the jury to sleep.
    The good news is the jury saw right through the lies.
    Also, good news is little Jimmy the author seems about to have a panic attack over the whole affair. And that 37% of reads agree with him.
    Here’s to all your enemies needing adult diapers!
    Wait till he figures out how many people are more practiced than Kyle, with better equipment to boot. And were willing to pay people with real know how teach us!

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