2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kevin Baker

  1. Dying in darkness is democracies mission statement. Human nature dictates no other outcome.
    How many times has history repeated the phrase, that democracy works until people figure out that they can vote themselves money out of the public treasury?
    How long before some politician promises money out of the treasury for votes?
    How long before a moral people are no longer moral enough to be trusted with the vote?
    Democracy never works without a backbone of morality. And it was always a matter of time before it failed. Not if, when.
    “We start by loving our neighbor, and end by loving his wife.”
    Democracy is the same as Keynesian economics. It’s a cyclical game played to keep the rich and powerful, rich and powerful.
    And almost everyone espousing it’s virtues is either one, or both of the above. Wants to be one or both of the above. Or is to uninformed to have an opinion that matters.
    It’s one of the least desirable systems of governance. The outcome of which our founders warned us of. And having no other recourse tried to buttress the vulgarities of democracy with written law.
    But alas, no system survives immorality. Which is the true darkness.

    • Well said. Unfortunately, everyone falls into some aspect of immorality to some degree and absent a conscious choice to repent, they, either by commission or omission, end up increasing the immoral influence on society. As my mother used to tell me, clean your own doorstep first before you worry about others. Advice everyone, without exception, needs to heed if peace is truly desired.

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