The next stop is SCOTUS

Via Tom Gresham @Guntalk and CNN:

A federal appeals court in California on Tuesday upheld the state’s ban on high-capacity magazines, reversing a lower-court ruling in which a federal judge in San Diego compared an AR-15 rifle to a Swiss Army knife.

The 7-4 decision by the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit says that the state’s restriction on the size of magazines that may be used with firearms only minimally interferes with the right to self-defense, and there is no evidence that anyone was unable to defend their home and family due to the lack of high-capacity magazines.

As Gresham said, “Time to appeal to SCOTUS.”


2 thoughts on “The next stop is SCOTUS

  1. Courts? Who’s stupid enough in California to give a shit what some group of idiots in vulture suits has to say about what sized magazines they have?
    They got a lot bigger problems than that.
    Law, is all about enforcement. And they already lost that battle.

  2. Don’t count on the SCROTUS to hear this case. They’ve turned down plenty of chances in the past to deal with 2A issues. They probably won’t take this one either.

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