4 thoughts on “Winnie the Pew

    • And he needs more of a Kyle Rittenhouse face. But the meme is correct.
      Good catch Rolf!

  1. Yes, something about rough men standing ready to do violence on your behalf? But of course it depends on which side they’ve given their allegiance.

    It seems everyone wants their own pet dragon at some stage. But dragons get hungry regardless of whether there any of his master’s foes available for devouring.

    Will our good Pew, having vanquished all identifiable enemies and planted their heads on stakes at each entrance to the Wood, then demand ever-increasing homage from, and power over, the residents? At what stage does protection become a protection racket? Are Pew’s enemies really his enemies forever, or do they soon become his partners? What is to prevent mission drift, especially given that all the other residents of the Wood are presumed unarmed?

    At least the magazine isn’t inserted backwards.

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