Quote of the day—Michael Yoder

We are one step closer to putting the Biden administration back in its place by limiting government to its enumerated powers. It’s time citizens and courts said no to tyranny. The Constitution does not need to be rewritten, it needs to be reread.

Michael Yoder
October 29, 2021
Judge Blocks Biden Admin From Firing Unvaccinated Employees With Pending Religious Exemptions
[The part about being “one step closer” is an exaggeration unless your step size is measured in fractions of an angstrom. But I have no disagreement with the rest of it.—Joe]


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  1. Paywall, can’t read. But not sure that it is a cause for optimism that one judge does his job.

  2. I have come to the conclusion after much thought and research that the problem is the Judges and Supreme Court Justices have studied Constitutional law and the area of law that applies is agency law. What powers were delegated to the agent of the states known as the Federal government, which are necessary (narrowly tailored as the rule for “Strict Scrutiny” expresses it), and which powers are retained by the states. Of course at this point in history the sticking point is the doctrine of “Apparent powers”, generally expressed as “A Vice President of a company is expected to have certain powers, and it is not a defense to a contract entered into by your idiot brother in law that you named him a Vice President to get your sister to shut up, and his powers actually extend only so far as suggesting what color his office can be painted and where the board is going to lunch today.”

    To put it another way, The horse has already been stolen, the dog has slipped its collar, that milk has been spilt, those birds have flown.

    And another thing. If the words of the Constitution are to be interpreted, the ONLY test to be applied is STRICT SCRTINY. It’s a contract among the states and their agent, the Feds. The other tests, Intermediate Scrutiny and Rational Basis Test (non-risible reason given by the overreaching feds is a truer expression). are made up as surely as a right not expressed in the Constitution but which is made up from penumbras, emanations and every third word in Article II.

  3. Calling this a religious issue, “exemption”. Has merit. But to me is dodging the real issue.
    Does the government, or anyone, for that matter. Have the power to force you into a medical experiment? Or to take something you don’t want under duress? No.
    And even without it being a “law”. Doing so was such a crime against humanity we hung people for it.
    The Nuremburg code states very plainly that doing so is a hanging offense.
    And before someone points out it’s not US code. I would mention your right. It’s a international crime against humanity, that we have gladly enforced as if it were US code. Just ask the doctors and nurses from Auschwitz.
    There has already been enough people killed by this therapy to hang everyone involved.
    The government forcing doctors to not treat patients was enough to get those officials hung, in and of itself. Not counting those that made money on this deal.

  4. That horse has already left the barn. How many employees does the government have? And what decisions will they make? Will electing another TRUMP make any difference?

    No amount of reading the Constitution will change anything, nor will replacing Biden change much. Leaders can only nudge unless they have consent of both their employees and citizens, and even then they may not make much difference. Our future is set by our collective unpredictable Weltanschauung and then only if there is enough consensus.

    Needless to say, our collective Weltanschauung is not pointing in our direction. We cannot vote our way out nor can we fight our way out. The only hope I see is a collapse that exceeds all previous ‘collapses’. Think “Lights Out”.

  5. The Progressive, Romish authoritarian left, having been systematically mal-educated from day one, is nothing but a lie factory and lie promulgation machine used as a tool to promote a coercive, universal, hierarchical world system. Speaking of their duped, which is to say their true believers (their leader-perpetrators, loving evil and hating good are almost certainly irredeemable), they need a complete overhaul of their understanding of history and their world view. A second Protestant Reformation if you will. However I don’t believe that can happen in truly significant numbers without divine intervention. Any time it’s been tried by Man it’s been at best mildly successful and extremely short-lived.

    And anyway, who among the self-described “conservatives” and “libertarians” would even accept it if you offered them a system of true liberty as eluded to by the American founders and as clearly iterated in Scripture? I’d guess that it would be a small minority of the entire “right-leaning” population, and the remaining vast majority of conservatives would very soon corrupt that minority or simply overwhelm it. For one thing they’d go into it already belonging to various ecumenical councils, fraternities and world forums, so it’d be like a team of doctors going in to fight an epidemic, all of whom are themselves carriers of the disease, each one a Typhoid Mary, having infected tools.

    So whether it’s death by Romish Democrats or death by Romish Republicans, you get to the same place by different roads, under a different set of pretexts, but as a constitutional republic you’re still dead.

  6. Big Whoop! Those employees are always going to be toast since their records will live in the Halls of Power, forever. At the onset, the Kung Flu was expected to be a “drop dead” horror. So, maybe, the government could be allowed some slack. Now, it is clear that the Kung Flu is mostly an annoyance and the “vaccines” are an experimental rush job with real risks. The “worthies” of government, the “Judiciary, the vaccine manufacturers, and the Illegal alien invaders are exempt from the risk of the “jab”. The FDA, probably forced by the data from the UK, has admitted that the vaccination has very nasty effects on some people and there are absolutely no long term studies of other side effects. I suspect that the Corruptocrats and the neo-Bolsheviks are using the jab to kill or maim White “normies” to make room for their defective “pets”.

    Looks like this judges petty actions are “much ado about nothing”.

    • ” …the “vaccines” are an experimental rush job with real risks.”

      Rush job? Ahh, not quite. Fauci tried to patent the vaxx about 10 YEARS ago. He was told no, it did not meet any of the requirements that defined a vaccine.
      btw, the patent trail on this covid crap started around 1998. They have known about the “side effects” of the vaxx for a long time.

      patent trail:

  7. While this outcome is not a bad thing in reality it’s not going to improve our lot in any meaningful manner. There are simply too many commie leftists infesting the bench at all levels of the judiciary. For every postitive ruling that comes from a judge countless other judges continue the quest to destroy our freedom. It’s like bailing out a sinking boat with a teaspoon.

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