My grade school was small

Back in the days of the dinosaurs schools were much smaller. This is the first through the fourth grade with the one and only teacher:


I’m the third boy from the left. Verl Presnall, who I mentioned when he died just over a year ago, is the first boy on the left. Second boy from the left, L.J., worked at CCI for decades.

Thanks to cousin Janis, first girl from the left, who posted the picture on Facebook.


6 thoughts on “My grade school was small

  1. That’s cool. I bet you learned a lot. Rolf should move to Idaho and start over teaching just like that.

  2. As was mine. First grade was a one room school house with all eight grades with one teacher. Second through fifth was a two room school house with four grades to a room each with a teacher. Then I went to a big city school (pop 5000) where there were two classes per grade. In my senior year there were only 17 of us.

  3. I think I was the last person to graduate 8th grade in “country school” in my county in SD in 1987. My country school lasted only one more year after I left, as it was usual that once the oldest went to high school, all the siblings started going to “town school.” The decline was fast, there was at least 6 country schools when I was in kindergarten, but by the end I there was only 2. One north and one south. I’m not sure if there are any left, but there were still a few in sparsely populated areas in the state as recent as a decade ago.

    • There were two rooms, two teachers, and eight grades in my school. I don’t know when it changed (many years ago) but today the school is two teachers, one room, and six grades. One of the teachers is my sister-in-law. She has been there longer, something like 20 years, than any other teacher who has ever taught there.

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