Epic merch

Think about it…

From reading the replies many people did not “get it.”


7 thoughts on “Epic merch

  1. Not everyone immediately reverts to their old junior high school self at the drop of a potential acronym.

  2. Well slap a gamma sticker on my ass and call me anything but late to dinner, please. I don’t get it.
    Then again. If your stupid enough to buy a Tesla. I’m sure whatever he has for sale is Epic merch.

    • Whole LOT of his cars here around Silicon Valley. Built locally, of course. Shame he can’t move the factory to TX.
      btw: TIT+S. Yeah, school shirts should really “stand out”.

  3. In college, I created the Sam Houston Institute of Technology for a presentation I had to give. Not sure how many got it.

  4. Musk may be the biggest con man in the history of the planet but he does have a
    helluva sense of humor. And balls big enough he just might actually do this.

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