Underground nuclear bunker

‘We Live in a 6,000 Square Foot Underground Nuclear Bunker’

The bunker is primarily made up of four large rooms that all have 16.5ft ceilings. As you enter, you reach the smallest room. Then you get to the second biggest room, and turning to the right from there is the largest room. Circling back from there, you come to a smaller room at the back. There is also a mezzanine and a pump room and a small fan room. The first room was originally an office space, the second largest room was the telecommunications equipment room and the largest room was the battery room. That one room is 1,700 square feet.

There is only about 4ft of earth above us, but the whole structure is built with two feet of reinforced concrete, and I have heard that rebar is as thick as a human arm. It’s also electromagnetic pulse (EMP) shielded; the whole structure has a copper mesh around it in case there was an EMP burst, in order to protect the electronics. We have a 3,000lb blast door at the front, a 2,000lb blast door at the back and an escape hatch. The escape hatch leads to a full stairwell that you can go up and leave through. My understanding is that the bunker can withstand a near-miss nuclear explosion. As long as we are not vaporized in the crater, we should be OK.

Interesting, but no thank you. This isn’t for me. I’m not opposed to the heavy doors, EMP shielding, and the four feet of earth is acceptable. I don’t need or want 6,000 square feet to take care of. Nor would I want to have to spend hundreds of thousands to remodel it into something resembling a reasonable floor plan. The escape hatch would be kind of nice though.


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  1. You might survive the explosion. But your screwed if anyone knows your down there. And wants what you have.
    Best to look like nuth’in out in the middle of nowhere. With good friends all around.

  2. I dunno, once I have a multi-purpose shop, gun vault, a library with display cabinets for family artifacts, computing closet (fiber optics only in/out of faraday cage), hydroponics/airponics bay, walk-in fridge plus freezer, comprehensive kitchen, bedroom plus office plus 3/4 bath for everyone, one jacuzzi-bath plus sauna room, a few hobby-rooms, general gear-locker bay for outdoor gear for all the people, pump and tank rooms for fresh water, hot water and getting the grey/black water out of here, a living room (tall enough for a Christmas tree and airflow rigging for a wood burning fireplace), a dining room, a general entertainment room, music room, workout/dojo room, general storage… I’m thinking I can fill out 6000 sq ft.

    And that’s before we get into the surface vehicle garage with full vehicle maintenance gear, well pump house, and some kind of power generation. Obviously, I’d like some kind of subcritical atomic power generation that I could rely on for 50 years, cycling elements out every 10 years, and use the waste heat to keep my shower hot before dumping the excess into the walls of the septic system tanks and water flushing through the system to put the heat out into a over-wide septic field. What does the surface structures look like? Little house on the prairie (with hidden 2′ concrete walls) with barn? Or mid-1800s earthen fort updated for modern concerns?

    Like a gas, humanity will expand to fill all available volume. Give me 6000 sq ft and I’m sure to find a reason I need 8000 sq ft.

    • How about a bowling alley? Tom Cruz was pissed we couldn’t put a squash court under his house in Telluride.
      Life’s hell when the rich are just trying to survive.
      Note, Bezo’s got the 417′ yacht. I guess he’s not to worried about that carbon footprint?

    • The whole place seems to have 16.5′ ceilings. That can give you near double the floor footage, with some basic construction inside. A project to keep people busy while waiting for things to settle! Just make sure you stock up on material needed before things go really bad.

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