3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kevin Sorbo @ksorbs

  1. What? Help people find freedom? Where’s the fun and profit in that, Kevin?
    The Ozzie’s need to using their imagination in a more brutal manner. The weapons will follow.
    Enforcement only works if you still get to enjoy your the lifestyle.
    Like the one Oz cop said .” It’s all I know how to do.” So one good permeant injury would do what for your career, mate?
    I blew out my knee on the job. Took me 2 surgeries and 3 years to be, normal???? again.
    No enforcement can long survive even such small but numerous losses of manpower.
    Ozzie’s will figure it out. Or not. Your mind is the weapon, guns are tools.

  2. In August the USA gave more weapons to the Taliban than it has to Israel in the last 50 years.

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