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  1. One I’ve used over the years: If the Second Amendment doesn’t cover modern weapons, then the First doesn’t cover radio or TV (and now the internet).

    I’d even go further, I would bet that someone like Franklin or Jefferson, to name just two, would have no problems with grasping the workings of say, and AR-15, with little to no explanation. They might not be able to make one, but the basic principles wouldn’t be beyond their grasp.

    Now, the inner workings of a TV, or radio? let alone a Smart Phone…

    • It should be noted that prototype repeating firearms were being developed even as far back as 1787. The Lewis and Clark expedition even went equipped with one (I can’t remember if it was the Girandoni or the Puckle).

      No, I think Franklin and Jefferson, given access to the proper tools, would have no problem building one. They were very smart men.

      • The improvements in arms since the founding has been about equal parts design, chemistry, and metallurgy, which is in large part a kind of chemistry. I’m not sure the technology was present to reverse-engineer the alloys. The machinists and engineers would certainly be able to recreate the form of the Garand or the AR15, and I think the chemists could reproduce the smokeless powder.

  2. All good comments. But what we might be missing is that people saying these things are only doing so to get an emotional rush. Like a Markley monday statement. There never was any logic to it.
    We respond with truth, logic, reason, historical facts.
    They’ve had their abilities to understand things carved out at the local commie school system. Almost never to return.
    We know communism destroys whole civilizations. But I had no idea it was with such stupidity!

  3. The analogy works, but my inner nerd cringes.

    18th century English is perfectly intelligible to modern speakers. Old English, which is more closely related to Dutch and German than modern English, is not mutually intelligible with modern English. But it hasn’t been spoken in England since about 1150.

    But I’ll be quiet before someone reaches for their pedantic jackass rifle 🙂

  4. Difficulty: the only US manufacturer of black powder, GOEX, is shutting down. Black powder is the only kind that will work properly in the kinds of firearms available in the 18th Century.

    So even if the Second Amendment only applied to flintlocks, we’d still be screwed.

  5. That particular argument isn’t working so well.
    The criminals and useful idiots so intent on destroying our 2A Rights
    ALSO seek to do away with the rest of our Rights….including the ones
    protected by the First Amendment.

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