Quote of the day—Gregory Hoyt

It’s certainly a bold ask, as the groups attached to this letter are blatantly requesting that Democrats not only have a monopoly on gun legislation, but to adopt a hardline position of legislating away at gun rights while also urging the public to relinquish said rights through persuasion via the bully pulpit.

Gregory Hoyt
August 29, 2021
Here it comes: Gun control groups pressure Biden to create firearm control office to bypass Senate
[Bold? Perhaps. Especially with President Biden is completely overwhelmed by other issues. But if gets even a little publicity and traction in leftist media it will move the Overton Window in the wrong direction.

Do your part to combat the continuing battle for mindshare.

  • Come out of the closet as a gun owner.
  • Take a newbie to the range.
  • Get concealed carry licenses in many states (the numbers are frequently published and numbers matter).
  • Responsibly carry when you can.
  • Donate to organizations which support the Second Amendment (I donate thousands each year to SAF and FPC).

The Biden administration, deliberately or not, appears to be destroying the United States of America. Some of the individual states with low debt and a strong mindset of liberty appear to be the best hope for the future. Perhaps it is time to let the U.S. collapse.—Joe]


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  1. The demand isn’t surprising; the timing, though, is. To me, at least, this would seem a bad time to further irritate half the population. But maybe they’re seeing it as something that could be done, or at least started, under the radar.

    • Angering half the population lets you point to them as the source of various problems when they appear angry.

      An alternate way of putting it is that the government never stops spending the money they have allocated to spend. The war on terror in Afghanistan has wound down, and they will have to find a new target to keep that engine of war busy and the money moving through it.

      See the end of prohibition and the consequences of same.

  2. America has already failed. This is just us surviving as best we can. For those that doubt me. I would ask what part of self-government is working right now?
    What part of government would you call good and wholesome for the long term growth and health of it’s people?
    What part of government has told you something true and honest lately? From inflation to employment, to health and war and the environment?
    What comes from them that’s not a lie?
    What agency lives by the constitution? Or works under it’s guiding principles?
    This is what a failed state looks like. How bad it gets for you and me are just a matter of degrees.
    But America isn’t going anywhere but straight down until We The People realize that were in a fight. And are willing to sacrifice for future generations.
    The future is all about enforcement. And who can force whom to do what.
    And as Franklin stated. “Those that hammer their swords into plow shears, will end up plowing for those that didn’t.”
    Also; “You have a republic, if you can keep it.” We didn’t.

  3. “Perhaps it is time to let the U.S. collapse”

    I doubt there will be much “let” to it, unless something remarkable happens there’s enough momentum in that direction for it to collapse all on its own.

    As to “when,” I’ll go with Hemingway’s character Mike in The Sun Also Rises: “gradually, then suddenly.” Just like baseballs and bullets, the trajectory steepens farther out.

    • Yep, collapse is happening. The question I’d like to know is what will collapse look like? A generation of civil war? A generation of desperate economic and moral depression? A generation gangs and war lords. A long emergency? A generation of starvation and death? A generation of cargo cults? A new religion? A variation of 1984 or Brave New World?

      And, of course, what will rise from its ashes if anything?

      • Something resembling all of the above, I should think. If you understood the history of the Dark Ages, just take that and add all the marvels of modern technology that the evil powers can now access, plus the knowledge of the science of psychological and cultural manipulation that’s been gained over the last several centuries.

        The Bible says there will be a time of tribulation such as the world has never seen, and that’s saying a lot.

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  5. “The Biden administration, deliberately or not, appears to be destroying the United States of America”

    Oh it’s deliberate…..they’ve told us for DECADES what they planned to do.
    Now that they are fully in control of the machinery of government they are NOT
    going to waste any time and they are NOT going to relinquish their grasp on
    power willingly or peacefully. TINVOWOOT.

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