Quote of the day—Joey (@Joey13251)

I think the males who don’t want to get vaccinated are already in the wet noodle phase.
It’s why they need to walk around with so many guns.

Joey (@Joey13251)
Tweeted on July 31, 2021
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Oh! It’s a twofer! Their childish insults and prejudice includes people skeptical of experimental vaccines as well gun owners.

Remember, childish insults are what you use with you can not think of anything better.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Joey (@Joey13251)

  1. These people seem to think that those who disagree with them are always ignorant redneck males. They now apply this to guns as well as vaccines. Never mind that the demographic for guns is far broader. And in the case of vaccines, they carefully hide the fact that the most vaccine-hesitant demographic is black Americans. For that matter, they also hide the fact that black Americans actually have some historically valid reason to be hesitant, history involving abuses often perpetrated by Democrats.

  2. I can’t say guns effect my sex life. But I do like Hoppe’s #9 on my wife over Chanel #5. Call me weird, Or anything, just not late for dinner.
    Boy are those people going to be pissed when they find out they aren’t vaccinated against anything either! HAHAHAHAHA! Bill Gates and friends must be laughing so hard they piss themselves!
    And as long as it keeps them in their cities twattering their life away. I’m content with them thinking of me as an un-vaxxed, redneck, tiny, limp-dick, moron. With guns. That’s best left alone.

  3. Maybe it’s limp because I just don’t find Joey to be particularly attractive. #bornthisway

  4. And volume. Don’t forget volume. If the insults don’t work, they get louder.
    Argument by repetition, argument by insult, argument by volume, the last is argument by force of blows, which actually has a Latin name, “Argument ad Baculum”, which indicates the long history of governance by force. .

      • I keep hearing the people of Idaho won’t do the vax. I wondered what was going on with this crew because I know most of you are smart science guys.

        It’s the same thing with most of my old friends in Florida. Since we were near NASA, we studied a lot of science and everyone is vaxed. Politics didn’t matter. (And that’s how it should be!)

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