Minor range update

Barb hasn’t had a chance to visit my gun range and made comment the size being somewhat small. I parked my car in it and put some targets in the berm for scale so she could get a better idea of the scale:


She has revised her view of the size.

The tile inside the range and more gravel was installed yesterday and the washed river rock was put over the tile today.

Today I made two trips into town to pick up some concrete pavers to cover the gravel over the tile to prevent the dirt from plugging up the gravel and tile line. As the dirt from the berm starts to cross the paver line I will “rehabilitated” the berm.

The range still needs some more gravel but that should be completed tomorrow. Then it will be done!

I now need to invite Mike B. over. I told him about my project last winter and I promised to invite him over when it was done.

Update: The picture below is from across the road looking up range at the retaining wall for the berm. This is the reason for higher blocks on the left side than the right:


Large trucks would be visible from the range if the extra blocks were not present.


9 thoughts on “Minor range update

  1. What’s the reason the wall height in the downrange left corner is not continued across the entire back?

    • The road behind the wall is much lower on the right.

      I see I’m going to have to take pictures of this because it is a common question.

  2. Did you build this in Idaho? It looks nice — but I question the height of the back wall too. If there is a road behind it, you don’t want bullets going over the wall. Of course, if you only invite adults to shoot, that probably won’t be a problem.

    • I took pictures of a large truck going by so I could examine what could be seen at various positions. They are safe.

      The road is infrequently traveled. The deer traffic outnumber the vehicle traffic by at least 20 to 1.

      Going over the berm and blocks isn’t really a problem unless the shot is really, really high. The trees on the other side of the road will stop the strays.

      • And speaking of deer. If you ever need any help getting rid of the pesky things……I can surely help!

  3. A little old to be playing with Legos?


    I’m also curious as to location WA, or ID?

    • I would never grace WA with something this awesome which the state hates so much.

      This is ID and everyone here thinks it is awesome too.

  4. That makes sense, and after seeing it from the road at the back it doesn’t make economic sense to continue the wall height all the way across (I’m guessing that would require maybe 2 additional truck loads of blocks, assuming 10 or 12 per load). It still looks odd but that’s no reason to spend money for no functional gain; after all, a lot of humans look odd but we’re not buying cosmetic surgery…..

    I suspect you’ll be explaining this particular point to people forever, though, especially to the non-deer traffic.

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