Quote of the day—Tom Luongo

The big reveal in Afghanistan is that what happened there can happen here, quickly. Those goat-herders just showed us how to defeat an Empire abroad. Now it’s time to defeat the empire within.

Tom Luongo
August 16, 2021
What If Afghanistan is More Than Just a Failed War?
[I suspect the rot is very deep and collapse could be much closer than what 99% of the people realize.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tom Luongo

  1. Collapse will be the easy part. Were on a three legged stool as it is. Controlling what happens after is the real problem. As rich people that engineered an worked for it will become targets.
    Knowing who is truly in command is important. That will allow you to estimate who/what will be sacrificed.
    Say, if it was Soro. Society might remain somewhat intact. Cause the objective is money and power.
    If it’s the Chinese. Depopulating north America for the goal of conquest will be very different. With this many guns. You’ll want us to kill ourselves off first. Destroy our industry. And severally reduce our ammo supply.
    I’m sure that’s the reason for all the third world migration. Hungry people do wicked things.
    Whatever is left they will just drag out and shoot. Just like those Afgan special forces a month ago. Out of ammo. And no air support. No resupply. Tabilan just lined them up and shot them.
    And to the victor go the spoils, and the telling of history.

    • “Whatever is left they will just drag out and shoot.”
      Right now, the Taliban is going door-to-door shooting people who are Christian or who worked for the Americans.

      “I’m sure that’s the reason for all the third world migration. Hungry people do wicked things.”
      And will these new immigrants who owe their livelihoods to the party that brought them in give any thought to actual guilt or innocence of those they round up or kill for resisting arrest (or “resisting arrest”)?
      Recall how after Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans, the police from outside the state applied their own ideas of how restrictive the law should be based on where they came from, and those were AMERICAN police Think how it will be when the police no longer have any American traditions in common with their subjects.

  2. joe:

    this is the most corrupt, venal and detestable period ever in our history. not only is collapse possible, perhaps likely, but we deserve it. we have it coming, in spades: never has any nation, in any epoch, so wasted the power to do good on simple delusion and self indulgence. we are idiots to the bone.

    john jay

  3. Pretty sure the commie demonrats in Mordor On The Potomac will be a LOT more agressive and violent towards us “little people” then they EVER intended to be with the Taliban……

  4. Luongo precedes the pull quote with “Wars of all forms are rackets” and then seems to be calling for war.

    In all of the article he never seems to be advocating FOR anything that I could tell, except, maybe, tribe. It’s easy to be against things, especially if they’re only vaguely defined, but being for something specific and clearly defined is quite different. And so the whole piece smacks of a kind of nihilism— Everything and everyone sucks, so….tribal gangsterism.

    Anyway, one common thread in the world is this; a failure to understand the last 2,000 years of world history as defined by the total onslaught against the followers of Christ, an onslaught perpetrated by an institution which calls itself “Christian”, an institution which once held near total power over the world, and is again growing and consolidating its power. It is the power of the Dark Ages. It never went away, and now it’s ready to rule again.

    There’s always a call to fight, for something, but without knowing who the enemy is, or what to fight for, or what winning or losing would look like, it’s nothing but distraction, pain, reveling in blood, destruction and death.

  5. Ya, Windy, I remember. The tough guys did a real number on grandma. Over her antique revolver. It was also National Guard.
    Something tells me they wouldn’t have fared so well in Idaho.
    Or in any one of several neighborhoods filled with Glockcasians. (New racial identity?)
    The Taliban’s use of our bio-metric system is one of the biggest atrocities. It has eye and fingerprint ID of every person that worked for US and our allies. Who are getting “ditched”, as we speak. And we just left it all there?
    Sounds like a beta test to me.
    Answered any questions about your religion lately? We already know how you voted. And you are commenting affirmatively on a pro-gun website……

    • This is violating the Jews in the Attic test with greater ease and thoroughness with each passing day.

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