Quote of the day—Trace Munson

As we’ve noted many times before, anti-gunners believe that firearms are actually just men’s way of “overcompensating” for our genitalia.  When Governor Cuomo shut the gun stores down at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the guns struck back with a bullying campaign, teasing poor Andy that all the women around him could tell that he had a small penis. He had two choices: Either re-open the gun stores and allow the guns to go back to gunning around killing innocent people all by gunselves, or correct everyone’s false belief about his mighty member.

Trace Munson
July 8, 2021
More Things Cuomo Can Blame on Guns
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Trace Munson

  1. Might be an insight into what’s causing global climate change? That is after were all driving government controlled Teslas. It’s guns and homophobia. The science will be un-debatable. Cuomo is just ahead of his time!

  2. In the past this missive would almost certainly be considered satire of some kind.
    These days in modern Clown World….who knows.

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