Quote of the day—Carol Swain

When I hear young Blacks—or anyone, for that matter—talk about systemic racism, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I want to laugh because it’s such nonsense. I want to cry because I know it’s pushing untold numbers of young Blacks into a dead end of self-pity and despair. Instead of seizing the amazing opportunities America offers them, they seize an excuse to explain why they’re not succeeding.

Carol Swain
What I Can Teach You About Racism
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. At this point it should be obvious that “pushing untold numbers of young Blacks into a dead end of self-pity and despair” is not an accident but deliberate policy. That policy, and the dependence it creates, is how evil people like Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters got to be millionaires with power and (in some deluded circles) prestige.

    I’m inclined to add people like union boss Randy Weingarten to that list of “misery pimps” — people working hard to wreck American society for their personal gain and power.

    • “Misery pimps”. Absolutely perfect description! It brings to mind.
      Barry O. and the Misery pimps singing their version of;
      Swing low, sweet chariot.(Over Martha’s Vineyard please, Lord!)

  2. More importantly, these young blacks, so hopped up on antiwhiteism, are charged up to victimize any whites. And are given judicial cover to do so. Further, you will be punished for protecting yourself.

  3. Thomas Sowell is an excellent resource on the subject. Check this out: Facts About Slavery They Don’t Teach You at School;


    Also, The Babylon Bee recently disclosed a new, simplified death certificate that’s being contemplated. It’s multiple choice, with a total of four choices for cause of death;

    1. COVID 19
    2. Systemic Racism
    3. Climate Change
    4. All of the Above

    Of course we’d need to add two more causes of death, “Easy Availability of Guns” and “Inequitable Distribution of Resources” between the currently proposed numbers 3 and 4.

    In either case, this simplified death certificate would greatly improve the collection and interpretation of national and worldwide statistics, while simplifying the process of becoming certified for the position of coroner. I suspect that most people die of “All the Above” but of course none of us can ever know anything without the experts first telling us and then either rewarding us, intimidating us or outright threatening us enough that we choose to believe it.

  4. You can’t push UNWILLING PEOPLE “into a dead end of self-pity and despair”.

    These people are the WILLFULLY ignorant who CHOOSE to believe the
    garbage being shoveled at them by the left and it’s media whores. And
    the main reason for embracing “victim” ideology is LAZINESS. They expect
    to GET SOMETHING from those pushing the lies and they expect the rest of
    us to PAY FOR IT. And what’s TRULY sad and scary is that they DO NOT CARE
    that others are forced to subsidize them.

    • As has been pointed out in other context, it’s rational to not work if you can get the same amount of money not working as you would working. That’s why there are 9 million open jobs right now.

      As for “willfully ignorant”, true to an extent. The other part of that picture is “skillfully brainwashed by Marxist teachers”.

      I’m hoping that some of the recent shenanigans of public school union bosses like Randi Weingarten will result in the abolition of public schools.

      • Reality is not meaningful to the left. They are true believers and will always find reasons to pursue their beliefs even if they are bloodied and starving.

        Look at the recent heat dome that occurred in our region. The media, Enslee, Mann, and many others point to it as a sign of global warming. The Seattle Times is busy counting the deaths to show what they expect from global warming. Enslee has even declared a state wide emergency because it. And they ignore true scientists such as Cliff Mass.

        Logic and arguments are a waste of time. We need to separate from them before they completely destroy us and our society.

        • They think were starving them now. How much more when we quit shipping resources to them?
          I don’t believe we can separate ourselves from them. L
          They will be like the crazy ex-girlfriend, “I’ll come find you.”

          • First, whatever path we take will be difficult and fraught with perils, but I would rather have neighbors, local, and state government on my side.

            Second, Washington state is already moving to implement their agenda. CRT and new green deal are already official. And it would not surprise me if the coastal blue states decide to form their own autonomous regions especially if they feel hampered by SCOTUS or congress. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the border if that happens.

          • It helps to develop one’s own programs as counter to theirs. Take CRT. My critical race theory is that the only race that matters is the one you outlast the other guy in.
            So from now on I identify as, “5th.generation Glockcasian.”

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