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Zero humans need a weapon that powerful. Most have them to compensate for s.

Tweeted on June 23, 2021
[The irony of someone having a user name asserting freedom of choice and making a tweet about others having no need to make choices for themselves is surely lost on someone so stupid they claim an AR-15 is particularly powerful or that it is used as a penis substitute.

But, such is the situation with people who have little or no respect for civil rights.

They have childish insults. We have SCOTUS decisions.—Joe]


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  1. Compensating for a chicken head and an aubergine? What sort of whacked out kitchen does she work in?


  2. Well somebody has to be the useful idiot, right? Looks like the commies found their man! Girl? Thing? It? Whatever.
    Glad I’m short.

  3. It’s not that we have small dicks, it’s just that there isn’t much left to put in there after you get past her fat rolls.

  4. “…someone having a user name asserting freedom of choice and making a tweet about others having no need to make choices for themselve…

    That is one of the defining characteristics of an authoritarian, for surely it precedes the entire system of wholesale coercion. Surely it is the precursor rationale, or mindset (“good for me but not for thee”), for any system of wholesale coercion. It both defines and asserts the hierarchical principle. We could say also that it serves as a brief summary of the definition of narcissism.

    Also, see “Repressive Tolerance”. It’s an actual thing.

  5. The irony of someone having a user name asserting freedom of choice and making a tweet about others having no need to make choices for themselves is surely lost….

    See also, Thomas Pynchon’s observation: “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers.”

    In short, the authoritarian assertion is that you have freedom of choice … from the list of options they provide. If they can convince you to be content with those wrongly-limited options, they don’t have to worry about your choices; none of those options are dangerous to the status quo.

    This is how nations like Iran, North Korea, and China can have “fair elections.” When the candidates are Party Apparatchik #1 and Party Apparatchik #2, it doesn’t matter which you vote for (doubly so with an entrenched bureaucracy that usurps and controls the actual power of the elected officials). The Party wins either way — there’s zero risk from holding elections — but the people are content because they got to cast their votes.

    Authoritarians get nervous when a critical mass of people insist on rights not offered by the Powers That Be, but what terrifies them most is when that same critical mass of people have the ability to enforce and defend those rights with force.

    And that’s the true purpose of the Second Amendment — enforcing and defending our natural rights from usurpers and controllers (or “ameliorating tyranny”, but it’s pretty much the same thing).

    As an aside, yes, my guns are penis compensators. I freely admit it! My penis is good at what it does (which is none of y’all’s business! 😉 ), but it cannot launch hot copper-jacketed lead at super-sonic velocities to defend myself, my family, or my home from criminal malefactors. My guns compensate for that biological design oversight.

    And if a penis could launch hot lead like that, it would probably be unsuitable for its … erm … “other purposes”. Perhaps it’s not a design oversight after all?

    Perhaps it’s just using the right “tool” for the right job, amirite? 😀

    (We have SCOTUS decisions. They have penis jokes. Well, we can make penis jokes, too. Take away their power, and they have nothing.)

    • Do you think the college graduidiot’s would still be using this projection meme if they knew the actual title of Freud’s book was; “Crap I wrote down while coked out of my mind.”? Or his second book: Psychoanalysis; You don’t need drugs to be an idiot, just this book.
      Or would they just find something else to prove their ignorance?

      • Or the more historically accurate book title, “Psychoanalysis: Collecting Tales of Sexual Repression from Jewish Housewives for Fun and Profit”.

        I’m firmly convinced Freud was a pervert. Lacking the technology for voyeurism, he instead crafted a system that encourages people to share their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies, under the guise of “therapeutic care”.

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