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Political elites see California as their own little kingdom with their own special laws, and they plan to eventually spread those laws across America using California as the model. But, if such laws are overturned as unconstitutional, then the precedent actually works in reverse. Now, the leftists are concerned that an overturned gun ban in CA means more blue states will follow and their entire gun grabbing scheme will go out the window.

Brandon Smith
June 11, 2021
The Real Reasons Why California Leftists Are Terrified Of The AR-15
[The optimist in me sees the extremist gun restrictions in California gun as an opportunity. They have pushed things far past what normal people could possibly view as reasonable it makes it easier to get precedent set in our favor.

Once we have a firm defensive line we can then attack at whatever weak spot we chose and establish another firm defensive line. That is how we achieved shall issue concealed carry and how we are getting constitutional carry. That was mostly in the legislative domain but the same battle plan should work in the domain of the courts.

I would love to see, as Lyle demands, prosecutions of the perpetrators. But, the same reason California presents itself as an opportunity for us makes the prosecution angle difficult or perhaps impossible. The political jurisdictions with the best opportunities for prosecutions are the jurisdictions least likely to be friendly for prosecutions. We can escalate failures in the courts to friendly territory, but we cannot initiate prosecutions in friendly territory —Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brandon Smith

  1. Would be a decent argument if we still lived in a republic with a Constitution and the rule of law. But we don’t.

  2. The Mao quote at the beginning of the article says everything one needs to know about the gun control argument.
    And everything one needs to know about why it is to be resisted.
    As Ben Franklin said; “Those that beat their swords into plow shears, will end up plowing for those who didn’t.” Under the pain of death or imprisonment I might add!
    Somethings never change.

  3. As long as we allow the commie demonrats to continue turning O2 into CO2 freedom and our rights are DOOMED. Because they will NEVER GIVE UP.
    If they fail this time they will just KEEP TRYING. When they propose an infringement or a violation of our rights they only have to prevail ONCE to win
    whereas we have to prevail EVERY SINGLE TIME to keep them from succeeding.
    Those odds guarantee that eventually THEY WILL ALWAYS WIN.

    • Yep. And the only way to shut them up is to shove Mao’s quote in their mouth. That’s why the first words out of a commies mouth is, violence never solves anything. Unless they need to use it against you of course.
      The real problem is that there is no peace. Get rid of this latest crop of human weeds, and look back. Something just like them will be popping up behind us.
      “They will never give up.” OK, neither will we.

      • Perhaps, but look at how much has changed. When I was 17, I purchased an Enfield 303 by placing $15 on a counter. No questions, no id, and no permissions. And I proudly showed it off to friends and neighbors who all approved. It was expected and part of becoming a responsible adult.

      • Dealing with socialism IS like dealing with weeds….
        parastitic organisms that will always be with us.
        And just as I do battle every year with the weeds
        spraying gallons and gallons of weed KILLER. so to
        should we deal with socialists….

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