Quote of the day—Kevin Baker

Well, poverty won the war on poverty, and terror is still thriving…

I can’t wait for the war on guns.


Kevin Baker
Posted on Facebook June 18, 2021
[Drugs are consumables. So it should be as easy as, “Just ban them an they will all be gone in a few months.” Right?

There are, at most, a few hundred active terrorists in this country. So it should be as easy as, “Just put them on a list, watch them, then arrest them every time they do something as innocuous as littering and they get a hint and leave or flip out and the cops can shoot them?” Right?

Guns are not consumables. They can easily last 100 years if properly cared for. There are something like 80 to 100 million gun owners in the U.S. in possession of hundreds of millions of firearms.

I know I’m not the first to have said this, but people are not setting new gun buying records nearly every year for the last 10 years with the expectation they would peacefully turn them in when they were banned.

Do the numbers and provide an estimate on the probability of success of a “war on guns”.—Joe]


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  1. Ya, the law of supply and demand is pretty ironclad. Why should it be any different for drugs? As for poverty. One would think we would have gotten more for our money? Poverty that is. I mean, look what we did for the mid-east countries? We got a hell of a lot more time and money into LBJ’s great society!
    Maybe we need to re-elect Obama?
    Oh ya, we did.
    War on guns? HAHAHAHA!

    • The War on Poverty has also come to a resolution as well, but the combatants paid by the government have not yet conceded due to their desire to continue with food, shelter, clothing, and all the goods and services a war on poverty was supposed to ensure were more evenly distributed by giving opportunity for the opportunity poor.

      Having had more than ten years of action in the War on Poverty, the results of the War on Drugs, declared by President Brother-of-Billy Carter could have been predicted forty years ago.

      And lest anyone say that Marijuana is harmless, recall that Marijuana is illegal in Communist China, with severe punishment for use, possession or transfer by Chinese subjects. Strangely, in China, use by foreigners is tacitly overlooked, to the point that the Chinese do not recognize that it is marijuana being smoked (they think it’s some sort of flavored or perfumed tobacco).
      In America, however, China’s main enemy and opponent throughout the world, more and more states are legalizing the weed. Truly, legal marijuana is God’s way of saying your nation is on the downhill slide.

  2. Guns may be durable, but they need a consumable: ammo. Without it, you have an awkward club, or a spear if you have a bayonet.

    • That’s one of the reasons why I like a crossbow, plus it is also quiet.

    • Thus the ammo shortage. Right now there is 200x ammo to population. Government doesn’t stand a chance. Factories will be back up and running in no time.
      Supply and demand?

    • True. But if you are careful, a case of 22 ammo (10 bricks of 500 rounds each) will last you a LONG time. If you reload, buy in bulk when it’s on sale, and are not to absolutely broke, it’s possible to accumulate a considerable supply for when major supply disruptions happen. I have some literally WWII surplus vintage stuff that still worked fine last I tried it. Most years I only use a single round to bag my venison for the year. If push came to shove, I know a lot of people who could reasonably expect their great grandchildren to still be using their current stockpile if they are conserving use. By then, I’m sure the overall situation will have changed.

  3. The “war on poverty”, the “war on drugs”, the “war on guns”…..doesn’t matter what the euphemism is. The reality is they are ALL fronts for the real war being waged by those in power…..the WAR ON FREEDOM.

    • That’s part of the story. Another part is that these are government programs designed to extract money from hardworking people and give it to parasites in D.C. Those parasites are motivated not by their supposed job description but by a desire to protect their sinecure. So by definition, a “Program to end X” will never end X. Usually, it will make X worse, and by some strange and evil magic, that failure is then used as a justification to make the bureaucracy in question larger and more expensive.

      If a bureaucrat in such an agency ever succeeded to eliminate X, he’d be out of a job. Obviously that would be a problem, right?

  4. The issue is there is one key difference between the “war on guns“ and other “wars”. To them the “war on poverty“ is just government handouts really. And the occasional trying to lift people out of their situation. The “war on drugs“ is making these substances illegal and then cracking down hard on the users and sellers with hefty fines and prison time. If they start the “war on guns“ it will be literally using federal resources including the full military to go door to door to confiscate every single gun by force and kill every single gun owner in the country that does not give up their guns willingly and even then will probably kill them anyway. It’s an ideological war where they openly hate and despise us and want us dead. Sure that will come with massive resistance even from the non-gun owning population but one has to understand the mind of these people. They do not view gun owners as human. We are a plague, an infestation in need of eradication. The people that want to make guns illegal and desire nothing less than the complete and total ban of all private gun ownership with the door-to-door confiscation of all firearms have no problem with and probably support the killing of every single person that owns a gun that resists. They would have no problem literally killing every single gun owner. At minimum 80 million people but I think The gun ownership rate is about 40% higher than that.

    Considering the sheer numbers and logistics that would be involved with that most people would think the task is nigh impossible even with the deployment of the full United States military since 55% of all districts are now second amendment sanctuaries. However I say that it actually is very possible because the United States government has access to 6000 nuclear warheads.

    • Actually, the original purpose of the War on Drugs was to give continued employment to the enforcers of (alcohol) Prohibition when that was repealed. The main consequence has been vastly increased profits for the dealers and their supply chain, which enabled the payment of large bribes to the authorities allegedly responsible for enforcing the law.
      This explains why repeal is unlikely — it would impoverish those currently profiting from the illegality of drugs.

  5. Do the numbers and provide an estimate on the probability of success of a “war on guns”.

    Again, and I suppose I’ll never be able to stop saying this, it depends on one’s definition of “success”, and “success” depends on the intent. If the intent is to disrupt the “free world” (properly read as the remnant of the Protestant world) in preparation for bring it down, collapsing it into a new system, then I believe the “numbers”, as you say, favor the aggressor (the Romish, or authoritarian, world) in this case. They don’t need to remove guns, in any great numbers, from society to have “succeeded” in collapsing that society. I believe that there are several examples in recent history which will bear this out.

    And so you must ask yourself, what it is that the enemy of freedom of conscience (the Anti-Christ) has in mind as its goal?

    For myself I would say that it’s all about mindset, and one need not fully occupy nor totally control a people or territory to have subdued it into a certain mindset and be collecting homage from it. Who do you pay taxes to now, for example, and whose calendar and whose ancient traditions do you observe? We’re most of the way there already! But we’re still too prosperous, we look into the Bible too often, and thus we’re too individually minded. That can be fixed though.

    It’s never really been about building their false image (their lie) of a glorious socialist fraternity of equality and justice, but more about destroying anything that doesn’t look like their mindset is operating in it. Only if you believe that lie, that false selling point, can you claim that they’ll be “unsuccessful”.

    Anyway, I’m just reitterating prophesy, into modern parlance. The authoritarian system will indeed get its way, and then after a very short time of basking in their own fetid “glory”, it’ll be utterly and permanently destroyed along with anyone who ascribes to it.

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