Quote of the day—Tim Pool @Timcast

I already have the right to bear arms wherever I choose

its the criminal state and the police that prevent me from doing so

Tim Pool @Timcast
Tweeted on April 26, 2021
[And so is in most of the world for many decades. The people, world wide, have a lot of work to do once we set the example and have the criminals in our country taken care of.—Joe]


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  1. Yes, need to bring ‘all’ criminals to justice and we need to get rid of our unconstitutional laws and agencies.

    Unfortunately, I just don’t see any possibility of that happening. We are a nation divided not just on inalienable rights, but on everything. We cannot even agree on which heroes and holidays are to be celebrated together or on our founding principles and history. And until that is resolved – if it can be resolved – we as a nation are going to descend into disorder.

    The spark that made this nation a beacon for the world has been destroyed.

    • We could, you know, recognize that we are hopelessly divided and it isn’t going to get better. Then we start working on a formal split instead of the de facto split we have now.

  2. The divide does not get more stark than to point out that we now have two official competing independence day holidays. The name of the new act: “JUNETEENTH NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE DAY ACT” says it all. How long will it be until July 4 is no longer celebrated?

      • Let’s see. Assuming a mild backlash in 2022, but Harris still wining in 2024, I’d say 2025.

        • My how time flies!

          “The Right should fundamentally embrace Juneteenth because it celebrates a crucial step in the fulfillment of America’s founding principles and our founding dream. It does not displace Independence Day but strengthens what it represents. Without Independence Day, Juneteenth (self-governed people finally fighting for and achieving liberty for those wronged by our country’s governance) could have never happened, and without what Juneteenth represents, Independence Day would mean far less than its current celebration: the beginning of a republic self-governed by men created equal by God.”


          Am I on the wrong page?

          • The problem with Juneteenth is that it’s only the day the slaves were freed IN GALVESTON. They weren’t free in the rest of Texas until federal troops fanned out throughout the state – and I’ll bet they went about that quite cautiously, there being plenty of Texans that weren’t convinced the war was over.

            In many parts of the South, the slaves had been already been free for a year or two, since whenever a Union army passed nearby. They weren’t yet free in Maryland and the other non-rebel slave states. If you want a single date for the end of slavery in the USA, it was six months later – either Dec 6, 1865 when Georgia became the 27th of 36 states to ratify the 13th Amendment, or De 18 when the Secretary of State proclaimed that it was ratified. Only then were all slaves legally free.

  3. The problem will always lie in self-sacrifice. It is very hard for a people brainwashed in hedonics to turn themselves around.
    That coupled with the swarming technics of government enforcers. The communist almost have a lock on things.
    It’s a tough nut to crack. But American’s are known for being real nut-busters when proper motivation rolls them off the couch.
    Maybe when the real inflation shows up in the price of beer?
    As for June-whatever. I think kwanza is a national day to?
    They never seem to realize that pointing something out makes it the topic of ridicule also. As in…….I better not.

  4. The sad ugly reality of life is you only have the Rights that you are willing
    to FIGHT for, DIE for and most importantly KILL FOR! If you aren’t willing
    to kill the person(s) seeking to keep you from exercising your Rights then
    you Rights DO NOT EXIST.

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