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As Tal Bachman notes at Steynonline, it’s now our state religion, a state religion in a country that—constitutionally and for good reason—isn’t supposed to have one.

But “Wokism” is yet more than that, too. It’s a mass psychosis similar to many that have arisen throughout history when the masses followed leaders who, in their zeal or self-interest, took them to disastrous ends.

Roger L. Simon
May 9, 2021
How ‘Woke’ May Be Leading Us to Civil War
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  1. We are heard animals now being farmed by our own species that has adopted Wokism where white privilege, and especially male white privilege, is not only not valued but despised.

    In my more optimistic moments I hope that we will come to our senses and toss Wokism in the trash perhaps as we come out of the pandemic. If that does not happen then we will have the choice of submit or oppose. I did not say fight, because a civil war means that we have lost.

    If we choose to oppose then we need a viable, leaderless alternative to Wokism, otherwise we’ll be dealt with one by one. Currently we are divided and divided we will fall. Yet, there is no we in the days ahead if we are to succeed.

    • Wokism will kill itself. Our hope is that it doesn’t kill us first. That being said. A civil war does not mean we have lost anything we needed anyway.
      Much of what we call civilization today is baggage. Of which we have more than a debutante headed for Paris.
      We have the ability and technology to make this place a very wholesome place to live. Once we learn to fight evil at it’s roots.
      Woke is just evil coming to flower. The spawn of our sloth.
      If were not willing to fight evil on every scale. We must prepare to suffer it’s wrath. There are no other choices.
      Civil war bad? Absolutely. But much worse for them. That’s why their attacking white males. We are the only one’s that can truly crush them. Their scared shitless of us with good reason.
      We need to start being men again. And everything else will sort itself out.
      Or not.

  2. “ It’s a mass psychosis similar to many that have arisen throughout history when the masses followed leaders who, in their zeal or self-interest, took them to disastrous ends.”

    That certainly is the goal.

    Logic demands the next question then— What mass psychosis inflicts the rest of us, such that we’ve done nothing about it for generations?

    Who do YOU blame when the inmates take over the asylum? The inmates, who we knew (or should have known) all along were aggressively virulent and clever criminals, or those responsible for keeping them in check?

    Who do YOU blame when an elementary school classroom gets unruly and out of control? Do you point fingers at the “stupid kids” and blame them and laugh at them and then call it a day, or do you hold accountable the teachers and administrators who were charged with the responsibility, who accepted it, but either couldn’t or wouldn’t act properly? Do you then let the problem fester and grow or do you shut it down, make the appropriate arrests and prosecutions of the fraudsters, and replace the responsible parties and agents with serious, honest people?

    Are there any serious, honest people? I believe that’s a question worth asking, and furthermore I believe that I know the answer.

    But we’ve let it fester in the U.S. for over 200 years, occasionally pointing fingers here and there at the “stupid children”, laughing at the criminal inmates while they slowly and methodically take over every last one of our institutions. We’ve never really gotten serious, never really addressed the problem. So now what’s left to do?

    What is going to change after all this time and all the missed opportunities of the past, now that it’s gotten to where a globally organized, rapacious enemy seems to control most of our earthly resources, and all of our infrastructure and institutions, and is now proud, secure and strong while we are demoralized, confused, unorganized, mal-educated, distracted, proud and weak?


    Answer; nothing short of divine intervention. Welcome to the dawn of The New Dark Ages, which will be more horrifying than the first.

  3. The only way to cure cancer is to kill it. You don’t negotiate with it. You don’t try to find some way to make cancer cells benign. You have to take out every single cell and end its life.

    Oh, wait, this isn’t the anti-cancer site, is it? My mistake.

  4. It is instructive to use accurate labels for things. Calling “woke-ism” as antiwhiteism strikes me as being closet to the mark.

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