Quote of the day—Tal Bachman

Wokism is now the official state religion of the United States of America.

By constitutional standards, this means something has gone wrong. The United States isn’t supposed to have a state religion. The First Amendment specifically prohibits the establishment of a state religion. Yet it now has one, and its name is Wokism.

Tal Bachman
May 7, 2021
We Have Met the Enemy, part II
[And as everyone should well know Theocracies are some of the most dangerous forms of government known. Combined with socialism/communism, as this one is, and the deadliness is indisputable.

Take appropriate action.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tal Bachman

  1. So is there any hope that Wokism will collapse of its own weight or are we destine for a bitter divorce?

    I think that there is a slight possibility that when the pandemic rules are lifted people will rebel against Wokism and we’ll have a repeat of the roaring 20s. The other possibilities are that we will have a repeat of the Carter years with or without a Regan.

    Even if these are not the outcomes, the pandemic has shown us alternatives that would seem to evolve toward more traditional lifestyles and independence in terms of WFH and DL.

  2. Religion is part of human nature. God created that place in us as a coping mechanism in finite reality.
    And like most things, it can be used for good or evil. Our forefathers told us that our system was suitable only for a moral and religious people. And look what it has provided!
    Should we be surprised when it gets co-opted and used by evil?
    What is lacking is the discernment to see the difference. And the will to act on that discernment.
    It’s not religion or no religion. It’s good or evil. And one need only read the first book of the bible,(for nothing more than historical basis in human nature), To see that this is the true fight of humanity. We just keep forgetting that evil changes tactics. And that by humanity, evil can’t be killed. It can only be fought.
    We must learn to get comfortable in the fight.

  3. By “Wokism” we are really talking about fascism, which is the partnership between government and industry, ostensibly for the people but really for the consolidation and escalation of coercive state power.

    It’s an organized, global movement and it knows exactly what it’s doing.

    The “Beast” described in the Bible is a conglomerate, church/state power, and it is very specifically defined as having the political and religious characteristics and doctrines of ancient Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and lastly, the fractured remnants of Rome, and it is said to receive its power from “the dragon”. Its outward characteristics are pride, arrogance, boastfulness, power lust and presumption. That system, with its intricate web of associations, is the anti-Christ.

    There was a time when the entire Protestant world recognized that system to be the papal system and its associated organizations, but now they’re all too steeped in political correctness, and the spirit of ecumenism and cooperation, to even whisper about these things. They no longer talk about it even amongst themselves, and so many of them have never even heard of these things.

    “…and all the world wondered after the beast.” It means, and it was prophesized long ago, that we’re slouching back to Babylon.

    But the significantly Jesuit influenced education establishment, particularly regarding world history, is such that it MUST leave these key points unaddressed. We must forget all these things in order to come together under the new, church-state, fascist world system.

    And make no mistake– It will happen. All the stage is set for it and it’s all in motion and being implemented as we speak. The current phase is to use the covid scam as a launching pad for a system of “climate lockdowns”. And while we’re debating with one another about whether it’s happening, and if so, who is doing it and why, they’re moving forward with the plans. By the time a significant number of the people understand where they’re being herded, and decide that they don’t like it, it will have been far, far too late to stop it.

    Also make no mistake– The United States is a key player in the Beast system. Put your hand to your heart and waive your flags all you want, but you’re only referring to an image that was put forth during the founding of the country; a selling point designed to appeal to the existing Protestant culture. Like the Republican Party which which we all too familiar, the U.S. has never actually lived up to the selling points of liberty and all that (certainly not on purpose), and never will– That’s simply not in the works. Those selling popints are only just enough to keep us off our guard while they work their evil.

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