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Leftists view every robbery, every burglary, and every dispute that begins and moves to fists or weapons, as governed by the “rules” of a bar fight. They can’t tell who started it, they don’t care who started it, but don’t kill anyone in my bar. Bar fights escalate with fault equally given to both parties. There is no resemblance between a bar fight and some burglar coming in at 2 am waking the family, but they can’t see it. They won’t see it.

Windy Wilson
April 22, 2021
Comment to Things happen fast
[That is a very interesting observation. I like that.—Joe]


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  1. The only thing I’d add is that they think the altercations are governed by the “rules” of a MOVIE bar fight. Nobody gets killed or maimed, no blood letting and everyone goes to a local (real) watering hole after the take is over.

    • The protagonists of a Hollywood production get into a bar fight, get punched in the face, the brainy one gets knocked out while the brawny one takes on four and gets a sugar-glass bottle broken over his head, there’s a cut to black and fade in on the protagonists going “ow” for one scene then onto more exposition.

      – Black eyes that develop over time then take weeks of fading into yellow and brown marks
      – Concussions (that’s what getting ‘knocked out’ is) that leave the recipient with light sensitivity, motion sensitivity, sound sensitivity, vertigo, nausea, general inability to think about anything… recovery times that can take months for all the symptoms.
      – Scalp wounds bleed a lot
      – Mysterious lack of broken fourth and fifth metacarpals in the fists used to punch people and/or accidental things

      Much like the absolute hogwash people pick up about firearms that people pick up from movies, they don’t get any better information about fistfights. Stuntmen are expensive. Fight choreographers are expensive. Fake wounds mean specialized makeup artists, who are expensive. Lingering wounds mean continuity problems for the editors, and more make-up time, but bandages are wardrobe, and they’re cheap. Breakable props cost more than the real things, and they’re one-use items. The actors and stuntmen have punch-like moves they can make that only look real from certain angles, so that means lots of takes and lots of camera angles. The writers may have put one line in the script of “A FIGHT BREAKS OUT”, but the produce is seeing big dollar signs for all that work, so you better get a lot of screen time for all this money.

      This is how stupid people get the impression that the “Knock Out Game” is just harmless fun and, whoops, how did that Choir Boy end up in jail for murder and accessory to murder?

  2. That’s a good analogy Windy. But I would take it a step further. They want a nationalized police force they control. And they have to demonize the locals ones in order to do that. This the same old communist playbook. They couldn’t care less who is maimed or killed. Or how we look at it. Or how it truly appears.
    They don’t, or can’t, or won’t see it in any other terms than their playbook objective.
    And the real problem is, it works.
    Logic, rhetoric, dialectic, facts, truth. None of that matters, or will work on them.
    Yuri told us none of that worked over 30 years ago.
    I like the bar fight analogy because were in one. I’ve been in a few of those.
    My advice. Win. If you don’t use the cue stick as a club. The communist’s will.
    There ain’t no cops coming to stop it.

  3. This comes from the horrible lessons we are taught in school as children.
    “It takes two to tango.”
    “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

    If someone hit me at school and I fought back, then it was “two wrongs don’t make a right.” It was wrong to fight back and everyone got punished.

    Can we be surprised that people internalized the lies we were taught as gospel truth during our childhood? Well done, The Left. You’ve weaponized school to teach whole generations that you have to be a victim in order to be a good person.

    “Train up a child in the way he should go,
    And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

    • Until they encounter a prior generation who doesn’t subscribe to those rules and does not want to be a victim. Then they will discover all violence is not proportional or equal in measure.

      Much like this crap of anti-gun people who can’t figure out why anyone would shoot anyone who is seeking to tip out the door with their TV or laptop. They are appalled that you would escalate such violence as it exceeds the “fair fight” doctrine they have internalized. That no one deserves to die for property.

      I’m not going to shoot them for stealing my property; I am going to shoot them for violating the bone-deep social contract that my house is my home and no one invades it without my consent. Home invasion is just group rape of the psyche and I will not stand for that. If they run with my TV they can have it. They pause and develop other ideas of escalation I will fight like a cornered wolverine on speed.

  4. While Ms. Wilson’s observation may apply to a few leftist gun grabbers in reality the vast majority of them KNOW THE FACTS. They fully understand that in almost all instances of violence there is an aggressor and a victim, that laws are being ignored and broken and that access to firearms can and often does prevent said aggressor from succeeding. They simply DO NOT CARE. The mind set of the left is “WE WANT TO CONTROL EVERYTHING”. That agenda REQUIRES that everyone they seek to control be disarmed. And that basic reality is the main number one and most relevant rationale behind ALL of their “gun control” efforts.

  5. Remember, from back in high school, in the 1960s and ’70s, that we were being told “It takes two to make a fight”? I certainly do. And like as not, under that motto the defender and attacker would be punished equally for being “unable to settle their differences” and thus keep the “peace”. Already generations in the running, it’s one of the ways in which the difference between right and wrong is being systematically nullified.

    You probably still haven’t read Fratelli Tutti and the encyclical before it, but it’s all in there– “Your” property isn’t even really yours, and if someone feels the need for it they have every bit as much right to it as you, for example.

    Those last two encyclicals, plus Rerum Novarum, will explain most of what’s going on in the world that seems to “make no sense”, or that the “stupid” leftists are saying, including laying out the details, and the players and organizations executing the plans.

    Welcome to the New Dark Ages. You’re not going to be a king or a prince, or a duke or a sheriff, but a serf; a ward of the state, to be treated or dispensed with according to the “common good”. Your ideas of morality, or of right and wrong, and your insistence on freedom of conscience, are “the problem” according to the thinkers who are pushing for this emerging system Those things you hold to be dear, and indeed self-evident, are arbitrarily fabricated constructs, we’re being told, and destructive, having no place in the new world order.

    In fact, it is the entire Judaeo-Christian model, of morality and of freedom of conscience, and ultimately the plan of salvation, which is targeted for destruction, and it will work because most of us have no clue as to what’s going on, and wouldn’t accept it if it were proven to us, and so we’ll remain frustrated, angered and totally confused right up until the end. In fact it is that confusion which makes all this destruction of our civilization possible. It’s a necessary component, and as such it must be maintained.

  6. I must go to the wrong bars, or maybe perhaps the right ones. In my world – (The civilized world) – bar fights don’t happen.

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