Quote of the day—Joshua Blount @stickwithjosh

The equation is: if property owners benefit from state violence then they are appropriate targets of people trying to dismantle state violence.

Joshua Blount @stickwithjosh
Tweeted on April 20, 2021
[Via Andy Ngô @MrAndyNgo.


Extrapolating a bit I come up with:

If Mr. Blount does not benefit from state violence then property owners could target him for personal violence without concern of state protection or prosecution.

That probably is not the best way to a civil society but I can see it has the potential to work.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Joshua Blount @stickwithjosh

  1. Had to think about this one for a moment … Mostly remembering that words don’t mean what they used to, to some people.

  2. I like this response:

    Red 5 Standing By
    Replying to
    And don’t be shocked when you are greeted with a bullet from those protecting their property.

    Have a nice day

    He’s direct, but he’s polite about it.

    • There we go. The guns have to be confiscated because the government, through force, wants to do something we will object to. Whether it is two families in your three bedroom home, or forbidding you from living in your country home that was confiscated for the people, or it’s electronic money only, or single payer medicine.
      All violations of the Jews in the Attic Test.
      Great fun ahead.

      • Curious then the ethnicity of those at the head of these antiwhite campaigns, then isn’t it?

  3. Spot on Joe. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Their everything Yuri told us they would be, and more!

  4. Mr. Blount is a typical leftist. They don’t believe that the rules apply to them.
    Thus they are happy when violence happens to those they disagree with and
    have no problem when their associates instigate that violence. Mr. Blount
    hasn’t learned the ugly reality that while HIS side views violence as settings
    on a rheostat that can be dialed up and down as desired OUR side views it
    as an on/off switch. And when that switch gets flipped there will be no turning
    back…..and for a lot of people like Mr. Blount, no surviving.

  5. I’ve sometimes wondered just how much effort would be put into the police investigation if a batch of these black shirted thugs mysteriously and quietly fell over during one of their festivities. With no physical evidence to be found within 5-600 yards.

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