I like the analyst number

Last year my boss made it a requirement that everyone on our team must take the SANS FOR578: Cyber Threat Intelligence class, complete it, and take the certification exam by the end of 2021.

It was paid for by our employer and we were supposed to take the class online during company time. The class is about $8,000 and requires at least 40 hours.

I completed it last month, passed the exam on the 15th of this month, and received the certificate of completion today:


It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t deadly hard either.

The “Analyst number” they assigned me was a special touch but entirely a coincidence.


7 thoughts on “I like the analyst number

  1. Love the number also!

    Great move by the employer to keep folks current and on their time and money.

    Jeff B.

  2. Way cool! Glad to hear it wasn’t “deadly hard.”
    In 1951, Robert Heinlein bought a lot and built a house in a new subdivision in Colorado Springs, and was able to choose his house number, which, as he said in ‘Expanded Universe”, was 1776.

  3. You getting that number is just cosmic. And ya say there ain’t a god? Way to go, Joe! Congratulations!

  4. Cool number, but….

    What sort of org writes their dates Year/Month/Day, and has an expiration date 4 years and 15 days from issuance?

  5. Well done, sir! And good on you and your employer for getting folks into training. Love the analyst number, too.

    I want the GCIA and a couple of more, plus a paper or two, and to cap it with my GSE, but have way too much on my plate currently to pursue that.


  6. Congrats.
    Re: Y/M/D obviously ya start with Most Significant Digit. Or something. It could be worse- they probably didn’t count like a coder “zero, one, two…”

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