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Don’t keep your ammunition in your glove box despite what you may have heard. If you keep it in the glove box, what happens? Well, you get pulled over for a minor traffic violation like what happened to my client.

What’s the first thing that the police say? “Your license, registration, and insurance.” And what do you do? You open the glove box to get out your paperwork. As soon as you do that, the officer sees ammunition or a magazine. Or a magazine with ammunition. I’m talking about a gun magazine, not Life magazine. A gun mag, a firearm component, a holster. Anything like that in your glove box, they now are going to have arguably probable cause to search your vehicle for other weapons. This is common, particularly in New Jersey.

It now can escalate the whole thing, and before you know it, in New Jersey, you’ll be facing charges for your cased, unloaded handgun that you had in the trunk. You are looking at a Second Degree charge, up to 10 years and State Prison, a minimum mandatory three and a half years, no chance of parole, because you left your magazine or your ammunition or your holster in the glove box.

Evan Nappen
April 13, 2021
Five Gun Law Myths That Can Land You In Jail ~ Listen Now
[It’s this sort of thing that keeps me out of New Jersey until they are giving away free varmint hunting licenses for the criminal politicians and those that enforce these illegal laws.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Evan Nappen

  1. Well said, Joe.

    Also, just avoid the Communist Blue States.

    Jeff B.

  2. Ant this is one reason my registration and insurance stay in a poly envelope clipped to the back side of the visor in my car.

    The other reason is that being there, there’s little chance a cop would mistake reaching for them as going for a gun. In my state the concealed carrier database is shared with the vehicle registration database, so in a traffic stop the cop will assumed I’m armed.

    • +1
      I have also trained my wife and daughter to have the same set up in their vehicles.

      Of course in our home state we all have CCW permits so having a loaded weapon in the glove box is not likely to be an issue.

      And l also stay out of non-free states. I was last on the East coast 30 some years ago and I didn’t leave anything behind worth going back for.

      • Don’t brush so broadly. NH is fine, and in this particular subject area so is VT (both have Constitutional Carry).

        Meanwhile, the notion that a mag or ammo in a glove box constitutes probable cause for a warrantless search for weapons is an absurdly unconstitutional stretch.

        • The reason it is “probable cause” is that ammo is controlled in NJ. In particular, having “hollow point” ammo is verboten. Thus, seeing ammo and you not producing a permission slip to have a firearm and ammo for that firearm is probable cause.

          It sucks, but it is how they infringe in NJ.

    • Amen. All my family vehicles are arranged this way and the whole clan knows it.
      Typically, my wallet is on the dash someplace so I cannot be mistaken as going for a gun when simply digging for a wallet.

      And I never give permission for a search, and my answer to questions runs along the lines of “I paid my lawyer good money for advice. He told me not to answer ANY questions unless he is present.”

  3. This sort of nightmare can and does occur in communist countries…and STATES….like Joisey, MassATwoShits etc. The obvious response is to
    not live in such places. The REAL problem is the criminals infesting these
    places are working diligently to export their criminality and communism to
    ALL the states.

  4. The fact that many (most?) cops would arrest an honest, harmless, law-abiding citizen for possessing a firearm or the wrong kind of ammo is why I’m ambivalent about the railroading of officers like Derek Chauvin.
    When dictatorships are established and immoral laws enacted, most officers do not protest or balk at enforcing these new rules.

    • I understand your ambivalence. However, I’m strongly on the side individual rather than group guilt. Each politician, each law enforcement officer, each private citizen must be judged on their actions or lack thereof. Their title, their gender, skin color, religion, national origin, etc. do not represent sufficient cause to deprive them of their rights.

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