Boomershoot speaker cancels

Kim du Toit was scheduled to be the speaker at the Boomershoot dinner Saturday. Then disaster struck and he will not be able to attend this year.

I have the outline of a short speech in mind and will subject attendees to that unless someone else wants to volunteer.


6 thoughts on “Boomershoot speaker cancels

  1. Kim!

    My heart sinks. What a dreadful experience. I’m profoundly sorry to hear you were a targeted victim of a serious crime.

    As a fellow lady who’s had her firearm stolen, I feel your pain. The “what if’s” related to the theft are disturbing. Years after the event, I still have an ongoing unsettling feeling, to say the least.

    Kim, what a tremendous loss. Especially being that you’re not just a gun owner, but most importantly, a gun owner who is a Second Amendment activist/advocate.

    What a nightmare.

  2. Looking at Kim’s description, my gut instinct is someone who knew. Someone who knew Kim was going to the shoot, and more to the point, knew his movements.

    I don’t blame him for being furious.

  3. Joe, I may be speaking out of turn, but you may have a solid American of Venezuelan origin on your staff that has some very recent tales to tell. They’re not nice tales.

    He might be persuaded to have some things to say to add to your own remarks.

    • He spoke in 2019. I think I have someone else lined up. I’ll post it if/when it is confirmed.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

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