Things happen fast

A police officer arrives on the scene to reports of teenage girls trying to stab other girls. Nine seconds after opening his car door the officer draws his gun as the perpetrator chases a girl while trying to stab her. Two seconds after that he fires his first shot as she winds up to stab a different girl. Four shots are fired in two seconds and the perpetrator is on the ground with a knife by her side. That is how fast things happen in real life.

It’s tragic, but everything I see in this video indicates it was a legally justified use of lethal force. Yet we have people saying things like this:



Are these people just ignorant? Or are they evil? It’s difficult to decide given the current data. Regardless of the correct assessment of this set of people (and millions of those who have similar attitudes) I don’t want them in my neighborhood or even in the same state. They are seriously messed up.


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  1. It’s simple. They are using any snippet of a part of a fact to slander the target demographic. Cops. Whites. Men. Christians. It’s a factually true statement to say “that white cop killed that black teenage girl!” so they run with it to demonize and dehumanize the people they are trying to destroy. Pretty much all leaders do that about their enemies. Look at the List of Ethnic Slurs and I bet you have heard of a lot of them. Many are common from studies of war – kraut, Nip, Jap, gook, slope, wop, Red, etc. But all are meant to minimize or dehumanize. Why? Leaders/ manipulators find it much easier to divide and control people by emphasizing differences and hatred. It’s easy to kill inhuman monsters. That is the goal. Division. Hatred. weakness and war…..
    Not ignorance.
    Not stupid.
    Malice. Hate. Evil
    Call it what it is.

  2. At this point any rational cop who drives up to a melee in progress should just wait in the car until the participants are done then call for the coroner to pick up the bodies. Nobody sees nuthin’ so don’t even bother with interviews.

    • That is perfectly in line with Gonzales v. Castle Rock and other Supreme Court rulings.

      Law enforcement officers have no duty to protect you in Clown World, but they have the orders to arrest you for defending yourself or trying to return to your property to protect their pensions.

      The Stillwater MN video highlights who they are charged to protect, and the McCloskey video is who they enforce against.

      Anarcho-tyranny is the pump-primer for civil strife. Whether you like it or not your uniform is now your skin color, unless you’re in the Blue Gang, where you will be targetted by both sides.

  3. “Teenagers have been having fights, including fights [using] knives for eons.”

    Before today, whenever she watched “Rebel Without a Cause”, did she not think it was an example of a terrible development in society that teenagers were fighting with KNIVES?
    Her mendacious duplicity is exceeded only by her amoral opportunism.

    • As a comment on another blog pointed out, this wasn’t a “fight using knives” (plural) but rather an attack with a knife on unarmed victims. In other words, attempted murder. In any civilized place, deadly force is authorized to stop such an attempt; you don’t have to be a cop to do so.

      • That is exactly correct. What kind and size of knives were the women fleeing using? This returns to something I have said many times before. Leftists view every robbery, every burglary, and every dispute that begins and moves to fists or weapons, as governed by the “rules” of a bar fight. They can’t tell who started it, they don’t care who started it, but don’t kill anyone in my bar. Bar fights escalate with fault equally given to both parties. There is no resemblance between a bar fight and some burglar coming in at 2 am waking the family, but they can’t see it. They won’t see it.

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