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You and I both know the cops are all in on guns and the NRA. I see a lot of them as the problem.

April 20, 2021
Comment to Can Utah ignore federal laws that restrict gun rights? Lawmakers are asking.
[With an attitude like this you have to conclude they are either delusional in their view of reality and/or are knowingly enabling evil.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—bgugin

  1. Ya, what you said, Joe.
    Legally they can’t ignore federal law. Assuming the federal law isn’t in violation of the constitution. Which in this case it would be.
    Isn’t this one of those unintended consequences of telling the fed to stuff it on immigration laws? Isn’t that where we got the bravado for it all?
    The left has been the leaders on this bold new experiment in governance.
    The crazy part is even the commenters don’t seem to realize were way past law. Were in Clownworld now. And there ain’t nothing funny about it.

    • The “assuming” point is the key point here. As Marbury v. Madison states, if it’s not constitution it is not law. So a collection of words that purports to tell the people to do something, but isn’t authorized by the letter of the Constitution, has no meaning and not only can but must be disregarded.
      That isn’t nullification let alone defiance of higher authority, it is obedience to the Constitution.

  2. as a WA CJTC certified Firearms instructor I can tell you that the quotee is regurgitating the effluent from the south orifice of a northbound mule.
    80% of police are NOT ‘into’ guns. The only time they shoot is for qualification.
    15% shoot occasionally or hunt.
    5% train occasionally.
    <1% compete and are really good.
    The remaining 4+ % train perhaps once a month (weather permitting).
    Cops DON'T …WANT to shoot people.
    Sometimes we have to. It sucks.

  3. I don’t see the quote as being about cops, per se, but rather “guns and the NRA”. And by “guns” they really mean “freedom of conscience”. Guns (primarily those guns in the hands of regular, lawful citizens) just happen to be a convenient leverage point (and a focus of hatred by people of the alliance of lawlessness).

    Ultimately it’s about one’s allegiance. Either a person is allied with the criminal class or with the lawful, and if it’s the former, the observer will be opposed to “guns and the NRA” (and against the U.S. constitution, and against Western, Judaeo-Christian Civilization as a whole). Being emotionally bonded with the criminal class, a person will be engaged in Critical Theory, et al, ad infinitum and that of course includes criticism of police along with al the other things including, ultimately, the sanctity of life.

    If you’re allied with the lawful (starting with God’s law, meaning the Decalogue; the moral law, the “perfect law of liberty” as Jesus calls it), then “guns and the NRA” simply aren’t a problem. You’ll properly see the criminal class, with their Critical Theory et al (i.e.Rome, by the way) as the problem.

    Cops get dragged into the middle of the fray simply because they are (tragically and yet predictably) enjoined to serve both sides. During this transition period, when Judaeo-Christian society is in the process of being dismantled, cops are required to enforce the unconstitutional and immoral laws as well as the constitutional and moral ones. Thus, depending on the situation, the same cop can be either a filthy bastard or a hero, depending on the observer’s allegiance.

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