Quote of the day—Jen Psaki

There’s no reason anyone needs to have an assault weapon. There’s no reason that there shouldn’t be universal background checks to ensure guns don’t get in the hands of people who should not have those guns.

Jen Psaki
White House Press Secretary
April 19, 2021
In first White House TikTok Live, Jen Psaki talks gun control, police reform
[Don’t let your opposition control the topic of the debate. If you’re defending your losing. Turn the above into something like:

There is no reason for common sporting firearms to be banned. There is no good that can come from background checks. If someone cannot be trusted with a gun why are they allowed in public without supervision? The Second Amendment is absolute. If you are working to infringe the right to keep and bear arms I hope you enjoy your trial.

If you only play defense the enemy gets to choose when, where, and how to attack. You need to attack on your terms.—Joe].


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  1. “Ms Psaki, in Haynes vs US, 1968, the Supreme Court established that criminals, in fact all people who cannot pass a background check cannot be punished for not going through a background check, as a matter of the Fifth Amendment. Such prohibited people can be prosecuted for possessing a firearm, or any component of one, or ammunition, but only if you catch them with it, in exactly the same way one would if there was no background check system at all.

    On the other hand, today, out of all denied background checks run by the FBI, one out of one thousand are referred to the Justice Department. Of those, one out of a hundred are prosecuted, where in all of those cases the DOJ has everything it needs for an open and shut conviction.

    On a third hand, we know well that there are disqualifying records that are not being reported to the NICS system, such as the USAF not reporting misdemeanor domestic violence, resulting in a discharged servicemember getting an approval from the FBI to illegally purchase a gun, which he then used to murder, and also for the US Navy not reporting drug abuse, resulting in the President’s own son illegally possessing a revolver that was later discarded in a dumpster near a school. That’s just organizations under federal control not doing their job in this system, not to mention the states that cannot be forced to report, but only enticed or persuaded.

    So we have a system that fundamentally can’t do what you claim it can; is rarely employed to stop criminality in the limited circumstances when it can out of pure government ineptitude and laziness; and, is not provided with the information it needs to do the job it should do now.

    All this is known to you. Based on this nearby unbroken chain of failures, no ration person would thing that taking a colossal failure under controlled circumstances, that is, retail transactions with a federal firearms licensee, in uncontrolled circumstances, would result in anything less than a thousand times larger failure.

    Can you please explain what measures the President’s staff proposes to overcome the already insurmountable failures of purely governmental provenance?”

  2. My argument about felons owning firearms has always been – no convict should be allowed out of prison until they can be trusted with a firearm.

  3. Tirno, That case is probably why government hasn’t gone after people like Hunter for failing. Thanks.
    To me the real problem is their self-entitled sense of authority. That should always be an attack vector from our side.
    The first words out of her mouth were that we should have to explain a need for something?
    Not for a human right. We don’t have to explain crap to anyone.

    • Oh, they can get Hunter Biden for perjury for false statements on the 4473. They just don’t want to.

      Remember, if you answer “YES” to any of those questions, the FFL won’t even make the call to the NICS. The only way NICS returns a DENY is 1) government error or 2) the applicant perjured and the FBI knows it.

      If Hunter had bought the revolver off the street from his drug dealer, nobody would have known, even after his brother’s widow found it, stole it and disposed of it near a school. Being the unmitigated screw-up that he is, even with a degree in law, he thought he could just perjure on the 4473 after being discharged from the Navy for cocaine use.

      And you know what… turns out he is right so far.

      But there’s an opportunity in all this. WA State had a law against use of suppressors. Not ownership, but use. That law didn’t have an exception for law enforcement, and there was plenty of evidence of a lot of cops committing crimes. So the law about suppressor use couldn’t be used because of Equal Protection issues that the State legislature couldn’t square up without the cop union torpedoing everyone. Eventually, they legalized suppressor use just to bow to the legal realities. Same thing could happen here: if the crackhead deadbeat dad of a stripper’s kid won’t be prosecuted, then nobody can be prosecuted, and if the law can’t be used, what’s the point?

      That’s assuming rule of law has any presence, anywhere. If not, then don’t worry about the law, because they’ll destroy you at any moment for any pretext. They’ll plant a too-short lobster on you and claim you’re trying to feloniously sell it in in Wyoming. Plausibility is hard, just make something up easy.

      • I worked in a gun shop for 8 yrs.. Saw a lot of people denied. No one ever arrested. They used the system to harass people more than stop criminals.
        And isn’t it always the way tyrants? Law for thee. But not for me, my friends and family?
        All animals are equal. It’s just some are more equal than others?
        Hell, we just watched a guy convicted of three murders on the same person????? Scary place we live in, bro.
        Beware Clownworld!

  4. There’s no reason to single out “common” or “sporting” arms either. Being that the second amendment is absolute, it prohibits government from interfering with the ownership or possession of “all the terrible instruments of war”. Commonality, and “sporting purposes” (so called by the Nazis), have no relevance whatsoever.

    The fundamental points all center around the question of who owns your life, or who is the authority in your life: God or government (or if we want to be brutally honest; God of satan), and which of those entities has the power over the other and which one, overcome by pride, merely presumes and pretends.

    In purely secular parlance, freedom of conscience is the primary target for annihilation (though all manner of rationalizations and excuses will be asserted before it is ever admitted openly by the powers-that-should-not-be). Freedom of conscience must be replaced with obedience to those false gods who presume authority over all people, precepts, places and things. Disarmament is fervently desired for the full implementation of this plan– The armed citizen clearly deems himself a sovereign individual, and THAT is not only unacceptable, it is a personal affront to those who wish to make themselves gods.

    In reality, both the plan of salvation through Christ, and the freedom of conscience of the individual to either accept or reject such, are targeted. Christ himself said the following to His disciples as he was ready to leave them;
    “He who hath not a sword, let him sell his garment and buy one, for it is written, He shall be reckoned among the transgressors.”

    So it is that anyone who understands and claims his freedom of conscience, and acts on it, is reckoned among the transgressors, but he who furthermore accepts salvation through Christ alone, according to scripture alone (Sola Christos! Sola Scriptura!), is the worst transgressor of all. That such a law-abiding person might also be armed (making his own decisions and properly taking his own responsibilities) is perceived by the power-mad as something akin to a never-ending middle finger jammed in the face, in public! It is difficult to put into words the extreme insult which is taken, and the white-hot hatred which arises in the power-mad at the sight or sound of a conscientious, humble and fearless individual who simply knows not the ability to fear or worship a fellow, sinful human being. But make no mistake about it; that desire for worship and that hatred drives them to constantly lie and slander, and eventually, in all cases, to commit mass murder.

    The real bitch of it all is this however; we are enjoined by the Creator of the heavens, the earth, the seas, and all that is in them, to understand the power-mad and forgive them, and look only to help them understand where they err and to find and then accept the truth.

    That means that all of our pride will need to be discarded, for pride itself is the downfall. The first step, maybe, is in realizing that we’re all condemned to death, and that there’s only one way out of it.

    • Very good Lyle! Would it seem to prideful to tell Jen, or anyone asking me to justify my firearms, BFYTW?
      To me Vox Day put it best by saying; “I humble myself before God, and my lord Jesus Christ. Not you, or any other man!”

  5. They’re all sporting arms.

    But the big new sport is going to be ‘tyrant hunting’ with no bag limit.

  6. Background checks can only be based on the presumption of guilt.
    Red flag laws can only be based on the presumption of intent.
    Weasel wording does not provide any exit.

  7. There’s no reason this waste of skin…..and countless more just like her….are allowed to continue turning oxygen into CO2. They are ALL enemies of freedom, enemies of America and quite simply EVIL PEOPLE.

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