Quote of the day—Watson Coleman

Silencers are not tools of self-defense, they are tools of murder, They have no legal application.

Watson Coleman
Congresswoman D-N.J
April 16, 2021
U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Colleagues Reintroduce Gun Safety Legislation to Outlaw Gun Silencers
[This is what they think of you. Protecting your hearing is not a legal application of this common safety equipment.

That I and my students have used suppressors for many thousands of shots without anyone being murdered means nothing to these people. They are just making stuff up to avoid the real issue.

The real issue is that suppressors are protected by the Second Amendment. They are considered arms and infringing upon right to keep and bear arms is a crime.

The same arguments these evil people are putting forward about muffling the sound of firearms could be just as well applied to vehicle mufflers.

Get them while you can and work toward prosecuting these criminals.—Joe]


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Watson Coleman

  1. Indeed.

    Is it better to be thought a fool or to speak and remove all doubt?

    Jeff B.

  2. We indeed need a Don’t Be Stupid (DBS) campaign in this country to reduce stupidity. This is just one of the examples. And there are plenty of others.and they are on all sides.

    As an example, leftist are concerned about emissions yet rule out behavior changes that could cut emissions in half.or more. If you have had to take children to school it is obvious that the amount of energy wasted both in Watts and Human is absurd especially given that we now know that distance learning is an option. And the advantages don’t end with Watts saved.

    We need a chorus of DBS every time officials are being stupid which today seems like it is every time they open their mouths.

  3. In the suppressor world. Someone coined the phrase. Hollywood quiet. As in no suppressor is Hollywood quiet.
    I’m sure we can do the same with logic. DC logic. Hollywood logic. It only works in DC. or bad movies.
    Mr. Watson has never fired a gun in an enclosed space? Like a hallway. That’s exactly wear suppressors are needed most is home defense! Where noise deafens you, and muzzle flash blinds you to other attackers.
    But there I go. Trying real logic in DC.
    In fact that’s one place their logic of, you can have it. But you can’t take it out of your house almost works!

    • My cousin the state park ranger (ret) once dispatched a cow that lost an encounter with a car and ended its life in a ditch. That was enough of an enclosure to give him bad tinnitus several months after, when I spoke to him. He had to use a white noise generator and earbuds to sleep. That sounds (sorry) like a health issue to me. Could there be a Congressional hearing (did it again) that would raise awareness of the health issues? I know there was a lawsuit that finally got booted. We’ve got to stop the proliferation of the idea that the silencer is like James Darren’s little semi-auto pistol in Guns of Navarrone, which emitted a little cough when he fired it with the magical cigar screwed into the barrel. That the Brits call the automobile mufflers “Silencers” and consider noise reduction for rifles to be safety equipment eludes these geniuses who keep getting elected by promising more bread and bigger and better circuses.
      If someone designed a “gun muffler” that extended the state of the art on the dreaded “silencers”, could a patent be obtained for such a “muffler”?

      • He’s lucky there weren’t any Adams Co. ID. deputies around when he did dispatch that cow. Tinnitus would be the least of his worry.
        But your spot on. It’s telling when even Bill Maher thinks liberals have a common sense problem.

  4. The best way to understand what’s going on here is to consider the fact that the number of crimes committed with civilian registered suppressors is zero.

  5. He is lying. The number of times a “silencer” is used in a crime is so vanishingly small that it’s not even a statistic. The truth is irrelevant. Suppressors are just ONE MORE THING the left doesn’t want us to have. Therefore they will do ANYTHING to take them away from us….including blatantly lying. It’s WHAT THEY DO. And there is nothing we can do to stop these criminals from doing what they do as long as we allow them to continue wasting oxygen.

  6. In Europe Silencers are practically required and no permits needed to buy one.
    I need practice but don’t want to disturb the deer and turkeys and neighbors but cannot afford The Democrat’s NF poll tax and wait 9 months plus the high cost due to regulation of suppressors or mufflers. Eliminating Silencers on guns makes as much sense as forcing Citizens to remove the mufflers on their vehicles!
    The reason Silencers were included in the unconstitutional NFA 34 was a democrat Socialists said Silencers are a European thing we don’t need them here. Not a quote but close. The ideas is nibble away at 2A at every opportunity, whether it is the way gun looks, or a sight of bump stock, or a pistol brace to improve accuracy and so on until they outlaw Honorable Citizens/Patriots from having weapons for defense of life and property and Country. Fore the Tyrants cannot impose their tyranny on a people with arms who will resit!

    • “forcing Citizens to remove the mufflers on their vehicles!”
      Maybe there should be a regulation about how QUIET a car should be. As any motorcyclist will tell anyone, loud pipes save lives. how quiet should a car be? As electric cars proliferate, will there be more pedestrians run over because the car could not be heard? Look both ways is good advice, but how many peoople use the noise of a car for warnings?

      • Not to worry. The chip in your head will tell you when your in danger.
        That is, if it’s not buffering, updating, or your signal being shadowed. We’ll be just fine!

      • Windy, as it happens there have been proposals to require noisemaking devices on electric cars. That’s actually fairly nonsensical because a lot of IC cars are just about equally quiet. At most speeds, the main noise source (for passenger cars, not trucks or pickups) is tire and wind noise. Those are the same for any kind of propulsion.

  7. Guns aren’t for “self-protection” they are for killing every swinging dick in our “government” that doesn’t pack their shit and go home quickly, quietly, and of their own volition when they are told to pursuant to the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Our Founders DECLARE 2 x in that document that we should replace them “whenever” we deem necessary. One of those times they DECLARE that it is our duty to. No way they wrote that but expected us to ask that government, that needed replacing, for the means, or the permission to obtain the means to do so. Very simple logic.

    Further, all “rights”, are protections against government, therefore government cannot also claim to be the protector of those rights, nor be allowed to claim to be the entity with any authority to dole out the means, or the permission to obtain the means, to do so. Simple logic folks.

  8. It has long been obvious that the sole motivation for Democrats’ gun control legislation is the harassment of peaceful gun owners.

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