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You know, I find it ironic that in one breath you say no one needs an “assault weapon” as if that’s the most powerful gun in the world. But then in another breath you say people need more than an “assault weapon” to fight against a tyrannical government. Hell! Sounds like we need more than an assault weapon. Considering the whole point of the Second Amendment was to put the people in the best position to check their government.

Colion Noir
August 7, 2019
Joe Biden Admits He Wants to Confiscate Guns “BINGO”
[It’s interesting listening to Biden. He contradicts himself from sentence to sentence.

One could claim he is senile and does not recognize what he is saying is nonsensical. I suspect it’s something far less benign.

I suspect it is that he lies so frequently, and gets away with it so often, that his brain does not bother to check for consistency. Truth telling is all about being consistent with oneself and reality. Biden appears to be incapable of either.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Colion Noir

  1. Today’s WSJ has a nice op-ed by Daniel Henninger, explaining that Biden and the people who pushed him to the front are not in any way “moderate Democrats”. That veneer was a lie from the start. What they are, and what they intend, is the extremist policies of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

  2. Just like everything else in DC. It’s all as fake as Obama’s birth certificate. Joe Biden has been a mouth all his life. And a gaffe machine since the day he entered congress.
    Joe’s right. What comes out of Bi-XI-Den’s mouth doesn’t matter. Because no one is ever going to make him answer up. Lie or truth.
    He’s all the president China could ask for. Cheap at twice the price he was.

  3. He’s a liar, always has been, alway will be.
    The good thing he is all talk, very little do.
    The end of the day there is just no way to accomplish confiscation in 75% of the country. Even our Democratic governor in KY would stay as far away from that mess as possible. The local sheriff would say hell no!
    Joe’s handlers know that but the tough talk keeps his side of the aisle happy.

  4. He had dementia back then. Now it is full blown Alzheimer’s. Find me a Democrat that DOESN’T fully support confiscation.

    There is only one thing the Democrats want when it comes to guns: the complete and total ban of all private gun ownership and the mandated extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that has firearms along with the entire population of the United States that opposes that. That may sound extreme but when your ultimate desire is the complete extermination of the entire United States population that opposes or resists you up to and including the literal extermination of all human life in the country minus themselves and illegals it’s not a far stretch. And yes. They do want that. And yes, SCOTUS would rule in favor of it.

    • You’re right. Unfortunately, too many gunowners still vote Dem because they still don’t get it.

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