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Gun violence is an epidemic rivaled only by COVID-19 in our time. As we are taking progressive steps to eliminate COVID, so we should also work to eliminate guns in America. I have a plan that could result in a gun free America within a generation.

1. Congress must add several Supreme Court justices to undo the harmful and immoral work done by the Trump administration
2. Pass a bill to add all existing firearms to the NFA Registry and give a refundable tax credit to offset registration fees. Close the registry after the initial 90 day registration period.
3. Pass a bill revoking Federal Firearms Licenses in interstate commerce. Authorize the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives to build a database of all gun purchases in the past 20 years using the 4473s held by the closed FFLs.
4. Order the BATFE to begin a review of the existing NFA Registry and cross-reference the known records. Use the resources of the BATFE and FBI to track down any inaccurate records.
5. Work with the major banks and credit card companies to purchase records pertaining to the private purchases of firearms to correlate with the 4473s as in step 4.
6. Once a suitable period has passed to allow inconsistent records to be reconciled, use a combination of civil and criminal sanctions to encourage those who are illegally holding unregistered guns to turn them in. This can include: using bank KYC rules to restrict their financial transactions, use the no-fly list to prevent interstate and international travel, use e-verify to prevent employment and use the social security database to contact existing employers.

Thus the vast majority of firearms in private hands will be known and restricted within several months, the stragglers will be dealt with within several years, and within a generation guns will be out of private hands without repealing the Second Amendment or causing a large scale violent conflict.

As it violates much of the Bill of Rights and various other parts of the U.S. Constitution that would have be quite the court packing to pass muster. And that would be the easy part. Persuading law enforcement, even the ATF and FBI, banking, and airlines, to go along with it would be “interesting” as well.

And if I where him, I would not concern myself with “large scale violent conflict”. Someone at Twitter with sufficiently high access privileges would be “persuaded” to reveal sufficient information to track him down in less than a month and expose him to “small scale violent conflict”.

I suspect the guy is just a troll. But it almost for certain is an entertaining fantasy for some people.


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  1. That was so clueless it’s almost scary. It’s got to be inbreeding make someone think like that.
    I guess we just heard from the Biden administration’s “Blue Anon”?

  2. Yea, he may be trolling, but don’t for an instant think that deep down in his little warped psyche, he’s not dreaming about it happening. That much detail means he’s put considerable thought and research into it.

    Of course, he is probably oblivious to the unintended personal consequences. The internet is not as anonymous as some believe. I know of some people who are making lists, and this guy almost certainly made it onto one.

    • I checked out the account on Twitter. If he’s trolling, he’s deeply committed to it, based on volume…

  3. So let’s imagine that his little mental masturbation session comes to pass. They manage to do all of that, restricting the financial transactions of gun owners, prevent interstate and international travel of gun owners, then take away the employment of gun owners. For what? Not being able to prove who they sold that pistol to a decade ago? Then what? Gun owners would simply take losing everything? Or would there be a significant number who would decide that there is nothing left to lose?

    • I bet there is ~50% of the country who are gun owners (maybe even more). I also bet that the Venn diagram between this population, and the people who are actually productive (provide goods and services of value to the marketplace) has a huge amount of overlap

      Assuming this all came to pass, the economy would be trashed and the food supply would become nonexistent, or available pretty much only to the “disenfranchised.” Who wins that one, I wonder?

      • I know I couldn’t prove the disposition of every firearm I’ve bought in the last 30 years. I doubt many of us could.

        • I’ve bought and sold enough of them over the years I can’t remember where I sold all of the ones that I sold.

          And I don’t believe I’ve ever had more than about 5 or so at any one time.

          And I’ve lived in 4 states over the last 10 years, so there’s a fair amount of geographic spread too.

          It would take a fair amount of effort for me to account for every single one I’ve ever had.

          • My point exactly. This is probably true of most gun owners. So how is the country going to function when 100 million people can’t work? And what happens to all of the guns that were bought before 1968?

  4. Not sure it needs court packing with the current crop of Supremes. I would be delighted to be proved wrong.

  5. I wonder if this small-brain knows anything about the Canadian firearms registry. The original plan was something like $20M (Canadian) and two years to get them all registered. After more than $2B (Canadian) and a decade, it was such a complete farce still that it was scrapped because it was so useless, incomplete, and error-filled. And that is in a nation that is far more compliant, with 10% the people and maybe 3% the guns. The current small number of Form 4s for suppressors and what-not goes through in what, a year? And this prion-riddled genius wants to get it done in 90 days?

    Thanks, haven’t had a chuckle like that in a while.

  6. That is pipe dream of the anti gunners. They mean to get rid of guns and the people who refuse to surrender them with great prejudice.

    We no longer live in a nation where a political solution to our growing socialist tyranny exists. If politics cannot resolve the divide, there is only one method left.

    During the French revolution, the oppressed people who revolted saw the danger that the bureaucrat class along with their abettors posed. The Guillotine was very busy dealing with that element for a while. The people they saw as enemies back in the late 1700’s are no different than the enemies we see today. They sought to preserve their power and suppress the masses.

    Vive la Revolution!!!!!! Fire up the Guillotine. We know who our enemies are!!!!

    • And did the French revolution methodology result in a better outcome for the people?

      I’m inclined to suggest people work through the established processes until it is clear extralegal means are required to prevent imminent threat of permanent injury and/or death. Then start as near to the top as is practical and work down.

      • I agree. Time and time again we speak of the French Revolution as a solution, yet a mere 10 years after the Revolution, Bonaparte took control as the Emperor of France.

        We did not get where we are by violent means, we collectively invited it and even welcomed it. Along the way, as we discarded one tradition after another, we were left with fewer and fewer rules. Then beyond our wildest dreams, we have entered the land of milk and honey. And the reason: Tech. Why are we surprised that the ‘process’ has continued?

        Remember when we could not possibly feed the world; when we were running out of fossil fuels; when women going to work was a good thing; when community ties were stifling; when the brown haze was common; when email was ‘what’s that’; when the web was a dream; and when going to college was a great experience?

        Today, what we are seeing is the belief in the impossible because we are Gods. As a result, we no longer need the scientific method or any of the other hard sciences that impose limits on our reality. And should anyone doubt our beliefs then they are heretics and deserve nothing. The truth is whatever we say it is.

        For those of us who are now resisting this ‘progress’, it is turning into a nightmare detached from reality. Our logic and objections fall on deaf ears and instead evokes an even more shill response calling us irredeemable deplorables.

        We can argue that what is happening is due to evil, or whatever we want to call it, but as Pogo said, we have met the enemy and he is us.

        The only way out that I see is that we need a plan to systematically destroy and undermine this belief that we are now Gods and to bring back a sense of reality and limits to our lives. Baring that, then we’re along for the ride to nowhere.

      • The French People were starving and the masses had been marched to war with England for decades. The rich lived posh and pampered lives while the underclasses not protected or preferred by royalty lived lives suppressed by false imprisonment and horrible deprivation. They revolted due to the civil rights abuses of the crown.

        I am not saying that the guillotine is the answer but you cannot allow a socialist agitator to remain in your community if they have already brought you to ruin and you are trying to redeem your livelihoods.

        Our founders declared independence from the crown. It was not just a declaration of independence. It was a declaration of war as well as their signing their own and those who fought the British death warrants. We won. They set forth a government designed to prevent the ascension of a monarchical or tyrannical government.

        Yes we have bargained away our freedoms a piece at a time or at least our representatives have. This points to the real problem which is the bureaucracy in DC along with the political class. Our nation was never intended to have a political class. The founders envisions citizen politicians who would serve and then return to civilian life. Some how we have managed to ordain a separate class of citizenry who are now above the mere lives of the average working class people. This has to end. It is the source of our own downfall and will ruin our nation and render us, the average citizen. to being ‘subjects’ of the aristocracy of leadership.

        I mention the French Revolution because the causality of that event was remarkably similar to our own at present. The French people did go too far in their efforts to purge their nation of that upper class who had lived large at their expense for so long. Still, they knew instinctively that if those that had enslaved and perpetuated their enslavement were not removed from the machinations of their nation that they would rise again. Looking at France today, I would say they were right.

  7. 3. Pass a bill revoking Federal Firearms Licenses in interstate commerce. Authorize the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives to build a database of all gun purchases in the past 20 years using the 4473s held by the closed FFLs.

    You want my 4473s, Mr ATF Agent? You know it’s funny. The night the president signed the law that cost me my FFL and shut down my business? We had a fire. Sad to say, all those forms were destroyed. Yep, lost all of my records in that fire. Customer lists, my security camera recordings, all of it. Shame, really. I hear that there were a lot fires that night. Wonder why?

    • I even have the name for such a thing happening across the country in honor of our fantasy overlords: Biden Sie Feuernacht. So close to Bilden Sie Feuernacht it’s scary. The histories write themselves sometimes, Godwin’s Law be damned.

      • Well, keep in mind, most people think that Godwin’s law means ‘if you invoke the NAZIs, you lose the argument.’ But that’s not what it means at all. Godwin’s law just states that the longer a debate goes on, the likelihood of the NAZIs being referenced grows. Or, if an argument goes on long enough, SOMEONE will mention NAZIs.

        The problem is, more than their share of Leftists are Authoritarians and so the Jack Boots will out, as it were.

  8. Even if the government could somehow pull off his whole fantasy. He’s in complete ignorance as to government ability.
    You could hand them every 4473 in America tomorrow. And the ATF would be years at the sorting and cataloging. If they ever even could.
    FFL’s can send their 4473’s to BATF anytime. As indeed Wal-mart does on a regular basis. Best way to screw them up is to comply. Have every FFL send in their 4473’s all at the same time. Absolute chaos would prove the ATF for the shit-show it’s always been.
    Remember the government warehouse in that Indiana Jones movie? Imagine that full of 4473’s waiting to be processed.
    Hell, if 100 million of us took grandad’s single shot, shotgun down and turned ourselves in for the criminals we are. The courts would be years trying to sort it out.
    Even with a cataloged database. There ain’t no way for the government to use it as jr. thinks the government could.
    Communism is a failed system. Even the top communists know it. Everything they try will fail. The only difference is how long it takes us to figure it out? And can you stay out of it’s way as it trashes around in it’s death throes?

  9. Simple response is to shoot this prick in the face. And any who propose legislation like it. Although that’s as much of a fantasy as his Bidinian dream.

    I do like the idea of eliminating FFLs though and getting the feds out of the interstate gun control business. Bit of inconsistency between ignoring intrastate commerce on the one hand and then going all in with the NFA registry, but that could be fixed by eliminating the BATF as well. As far as sending in all the 4473s – as others have said, I’d be dead of old age long before they could catalog and sort that mess.

  10. It’s all part of their ideal world model aka the 19th-century factory. Everybody needs to think, behave the same, and be equal in all things. It is a neat and tidy world view with no room for those who do not fit their whims of the day.

    Their lies are becoming more frequent and outrageous as they get more desperate. Take the spa shootings – as Tucker pointed out – it’s gun violence, it’s white supremacy, it’s racism, it’s hate. Yet, the evidence backs none of these theories but that will not stop them. They will continue to insist that they are right in all things including gun control until they are stopped.

  11. Don’t think for a second that the left wouldn’t “pack” the court to get the results they want if that’s what’s required. They just committed the CRIME OF THE CENTURY by OPENLY and BLATANTLY stealing the 2020 election. And the GOT AWAY WITH IT. As far as the left is concerned NOTHING is off limits. And you can bet your ass the apparatchiks and commies infesting the JustUs Dept. the FBI, BATFEces etc. etc. will be more than happy to stomp all over the Constitution, our Rights and OUR FACES if given the word to go. No…..this isn’t some useless fantasy being spouted by a brain dead idiot. It’s the left GAME PLAN for the immediate future. And they DO intend to follow it.

    • Of course it is. But these people are not nearly as efficient as Hollywood makes them out to be.
      I watched BATF deny form 4’s to people buying suppressors. That already had ones previous to buying more. That had broke no laws in the mean time. I’ve watched approvals go from months, to years.
      If they come to the door. Tell them you turned all your guns in to the local Sheriff two weeks ago. It will take them a year to find out your lying.
      100 million gun owners are waking up to the lies. Even China knows that’s a no win for American communism.
      And the American left hasn’t figured out their being sacrificed for global Chinese hegemony.

      • The government is HIGHLY efficient….at things that matter to it. Approving form 4’s isn’t important to apparatchiks. So they don’t get approved quickly….if at all. But lie to them…..they’ll be verifying EVERYTHING you tell them in REAL TIME if they decide they need to do so in order to violate you and your rights. NEVER mistake the governments willful failure to do it’s job with incompetence. There is a big difference.

  12. And of course the whole thing leads off with a false assumption and a blatant lie, right in the first sentence. It’s all downhill from there.

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