Kim du Toit and Boomershoot 2021

I have been meaning to send an email to Kim du Toit asking if he was going to make it to Boomershoot this year. He agree to be the dinner speaker last year and when we canceled it almost everyone, including Kim, agreed to just roll their entries over into next year.

I hadn’t gotten around to sending the email to verify his attendance and then, just today, he posted on his blog that he plans to attend and is in the process of preparing.

I think Kim attended Boomershoots in 2004 and 2005. I delete my registration lists after about a year for privacy reasons but I found this picture in my collection of Boomershoot pictures from 2004:


And I found this blog post from 2005.

That was sixteen years ago. Wow! That’s a long time to go without a Boomershoot.


4 thoughts on “Kim du Toit and Boomershoot 2021

  1. I suggested to Kim over on his blog that he reach out to Nightforce for his scope, figuring that a local company might be interested in promoting Boomershoot & attendees.
    Hope all goes well this year. Wife and I are hoping to move up there in the next year or so.

    • Pretty funny. What’s he going to mount it on, some decrepit old Lee Enfield? Or has he upgraded?

      • He is selling raffle tickets to purchase a new rifle. Then after he uses it at Boomershoot the winner of the raffle gets his slightly used rife and scope.

        • The guy is inventive, I’ll give ya that! I’m sure he’s properly licensed to conduct gambling, transfer rifles interstate, etc. Not that you should have to be.

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