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Once the cattle (that’s us) have been herded into the digital slaughterhouse, we will be told to “use it or lose it” when it comes to our own money. In other words, either we spend the money, or the government will take it away.

Of course, the spending can be channeled into politically correct causes by excluding unpopular vendors such as gun dealers or conservative social media platforms from the payment system. This represents total domination of human behavior through world money + digital currencies + confiscation.

This is not speculation anymore; it’s happening in front of our eyes. The Great Reset is coming fast. The future is here.

The only solution is to use a non-digital, non-bank store of wealth that cannot be traced or manipulated. Given the planned dollar devaluation, it’s one more reason to own physical gold and silver.

Get it while you still can.

James Rickards
February 22, 2021
The Great Reset Is Here
[While I can see his claim is more than plausible, I’m not certain it’s as dire and certain as Rickards says it is. But, he’s far more qualified than I am to make that judgement.

I’m currently listening to his book The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World which was published January 12th of this year. I suspect he will make his case for the QOTD conclusions in the latter portions of the book which I have not yet reached.—Joe]


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  1. Some people think that owning physical gold & silver means investing in funds that keep precious metals in vaults somewhere — or say that they do. That doesn’t answer the objection mentioned here. “Own” means to keep it in your own house. Preferably in both small and large coins. The 1/10th ounce “dime sized” coins Matthew Bracken describes in vol. 2 of his Enemies trilogy makes a lot of sense.

    • And who is taking gold in trade for food, clothing or fuel? Have any of you ever actually tried out this theory? Go ahead, bring your gold to a gas station where no one knows you, or a supermarket, and try to spend it.

      No. What you really mean is barter, with friends and neighbors, and while gold may be bartered, many other things can be bartered as well.

  2. Gold, silver, and other commodities only work as an exchange medium if mutually agreed to. It would be difficult to use any medium of exchange except digital currency – when it becomes official – for online purchases and purchases at most businesses. Gold, silver, and other commodities are for the black market unless you are selling them for dollars.

    Even today, I rarely have pocket change. I use debit or credit and only rarely write checks or use cash. So from a practical viewpoint were halfway towards moving to a digital currency. The remaining jump is to move our dollar to systems like bitcoin. It’s only a matter of time.; The state and its licensed surrogates (companies) will be all for it – since it will make cheating and fraud difficult while giving them more control.

  3. Didn’t I read something about this kind of monetary control being applied somewhere in the future? Oh ya. It was revelations in the bible.” That no one could buy or sale without the mark”.
    This has always been the tyrants wet dream. To control, and get his cut of, every transaction made. To force us to live totally at their mercy. (Think these people have a god complex?).
    The funny part is were all sinners. So the black market will be alive and well! And what people need they will trade, barter, and steal. And tyrants will being killing people and whining about non-compliance. Just as it ever was.
    Never give up guns and cash!

    • Will you be able to buy everything you need on the black market?

      Let’s say you agree to terms for a car. Now you have to register it before the title can be exchanged. But since registration is controlled by the state they could refuse to register it if there is no record of a transaction. Of course, you could not register it. However, given all the points where you would come into contact with the authorities (license plate scanners, insurance, …), you will sooner or later be discovered.

      We live in a world that is becoming more and more interconnected every day and disconnecting is becoming more and more difficult. If the authorities want to control something they have more and more tools. Would Ted Kaczynski be able to do what he did in the 80s in an all-digital world? How about even today?

      • Or would he have chosen different methods to match the times he lived in?

      • Absolutely. But the way I see it. Your never going to have anything like a normal American life ever again.
        Kamala/Obama are going to make sure of that.
        In those times and systems though, everything works by how much enforcement is available.
        You won’t be going to a gas station and waiting in line. You’ll be going to the tanker driver’s brother. That sales gas under a bridge.
        Why else would they want everyone in Tesla’s? So you have to use a approved card at a charge station that will be under their control, every two hundred miles? Other than that, Tesla’s are overpriced garbage for the vain.
        I could be all wet. Wouldn’t be the first time. How low will it get in America? Only Xi knows. Communism has never had these kinds of controls at their disposal before. So my imagination starts working overtime.

  4. So what’s a solution?

    I remember discussing this in the ’70s and ’80s, but tech progress was at a snail’s pace compared to today. We were still focused on programming languages and saw only the wonders of new tech when it came out. And there were plenty of jobs and little connectivity. So why worry?

    But now, we really do live in the Matrix. Everything is connected and becoming more connected. That’s why I expect digital everything along with digital enforcement.

    The Democrats did not create this – we did – but they will take advantage of it and pick up the pace because it fits their short-term goals. However, remember that even Trump was onboard this same Matrix express though the Democrats were loath to admit it.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, we could see a new digitally enforceable bill of rights for living in the matrix. After all, tech does not really care which way it cuts.

  5. There is NO QUESTION that the criminals in power want our money. And they WILL do whatever they can do take it if they think they can get away with it.

    And considering the MOUNTAINS of abuse they have heaped on society over the past year with no personal consequences only a fool would believe they aren’t busy
    implementing plans to seize our wealth.

  6. They have always lusted after their cut of the black market. THat has been estimated as much as 3x the size of the documented economy. The fools think that being able to control and tax it won’t change it. It mostly exists to avoid taxing and public/govt observation. Some of that is criminal based, but a great deal is simply due to the progressive income taxes. So, most of that part of the economy will dry up, instead of continue to exist as the idiots assume. Want to guess what this will do to the economy as a whole?

  7. Hmmm….maybe Skynet will wind up looking a little different than we thought it would.

  8. In order to be most useful as money, a currency should be: 1) fungible, 2) durable, 3) portable, 4) recognizable, and 5) stable.
    This is a fairly textbook definition, but I have attributed it all the same.

    Such a system would seriously compromise the durability of the “monetary”instrument. Also, arguably, its stability (I associate this more with losing value over time due to inflation, though). If usage is restricted to “approved” channels, it is also no longer portable.

    At what point is this stuff, whatever it is, no longer considered to be money?

    I can foresee a day when we all go out & buy Tide, or 12 packs of soda, or maybe something else the day we get our tokens.

  9. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Rev 13:17

    For all of the last 2000 years people had a hard time comprehending how such a thing could ever be enforced. But now the prophesy is so plausible, appearing so imminent, that even the atheists are anticipating its fulfillment!

    I suggest that since you’re now planning for the fulfillment of that little bit of prophesy, you might want to look more closely into it’s actual meaning. Otherwise, and literally, you’ll have no idea what you’re doing.

  10. Regarding that “use it or lose it”? I’ve already encountered that situation. I was selling a project RV. The buyer had the money in some sort of .gov account, think it was an unemployment fund. He dragged out the deal while arranging to have it inspected. When he finally agreed to pay, he discovered the account balance was 0. They decided that since he hadn’t spent it, he didn’t need it. He had planned to live in the rv due to his current rent costs and lack of income. Whoops!

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