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It may appear that the state holds power over the people, but in reality the converse is true; it is the people en bloc who—by choosing to obey or not obey—hold ultimate power over the state. The only way a state can enforce its laws at all is if the people overall acquiesce to it. If sufficiently widespread, political resistance would disrupt the status quo to such a degree as to render its function completely ineffectual. In the final analysis, it is the people who hold the power.

James Ketler
February 25, 2021
Why the Capitol Riot Terrified the Elite
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—James Ketler

  1. Wow, they’re really terrified. So terrified, they are hard at work pissing us all off even more.

    I think their “terror,” up to and including the fences and the national guard, is all for show.

  2. There’s all kinds of ruling-class praise for “democracy*” until they get a taste of the Irish kind.

    • Noncompliance can be an extremely powerful tactic, if it is sufficiently widespread.

  3. Control is always a fear based system. Ever wonder how 5 guys with bolt action rifles could push a thousand people into cattle cars?
    Tyranny is always proportional to the amount of fear the individual feels.
    A 100 million gun owners are like the joke about, what’s an 800 lbs. gorilla do?
    Anything it wants!
    And as history has proven time and again. Right or wrong will have little to do with it.
    The only question is how long can government maintain the fear level needed to enforce their policies? At the rate it’s going. Full-blown Kamala communism won’t last 10 yrs.
    Is it just me? As this one seems like it’s designed to fail? Thus removing us as a world power?

  4. I don’t think that their reaction is fear. The state has more than ample defensive capabilities.

    It’s simply an excuse to use the state resources to damage their political enemies. And it’s not just targeting the rioters and their associates. It will be used to prevent their political enemies from organizing for years to come.

    I remember a DDO briefing in DC that I attended after the Soviet Union broke up. The Colonial giving the briefing ask the question “now who was our enemy”? The reason that was an important question, he said, was that it is enemy resources that we use to justify DOD expenditures. It’s also why intelligence agencies always exaggerate enemy capabilities because the more capabilities the enemy has (even imaginary, but creditable and possible), the more DOD needs. The answer that day was foreign terrorism and later they add drugs.

    Today the answer is domestic terrorism and the riot is the justification. And it will be the mission of every department from the top to the bottom in the Federal government to do their duty to help stamp it out. It’s how you justify next year’s budget. And of course, in this case, it’s also how you ‘eliminate’ your enemy.

    PS. I don’t think that they will be successful in the long run. When you treat people as outlaws, they tend to become outlaws.

  5. The Soviets and the Shah fell when the military went over to the other side. That is probably the fear. Going back further the praetorians and the condoratti had some of the same effects.

  6. According to the writer’s bio at the bottom of the article, James Ketler is a high school student.

    Unusual to see such analysis and clarity of thought in someone so young.

    Whatever his parents are doing, they should keep it up. 🙂

  7. The article reveals a lot of assumptions and leaps to conclusions by the author, most of which I do not hold. It never occurred to me for example that the elite were ever actually “terrified”. Rather, their behavior shows all the marks of the common practice of playing the victim card for all it’s worth, and even over-playing it in the style of the typical drama queen. What I see is that, regardless of what really happened (and we simply don’t know) we now have a new “Green Zone” and it’s on American soil.

    As for what really happened, isn’t it down to the issue of which liars or which cynically self-serving hucksters, charlatans and imbedded enemies we choose to believe?

  8. You seem to have missed the point of that exercise.

    If the “Elite” were worried, it was because Nancy and her Corruptocrats ginned up a fake insurection. The only significant violence was the murder of Ashli Babbit by one on Nancy’s assasins. She tried to terrify the “Elite” since the Lefty ideologues were barely under control and she wanted to show what she could do if she didn’t get her grift and power. D’Alesandro’s daughter, as I recall.

    In 1930s Germany and post-Revolutionary Russia, the savage war was between those chasing an ideological dream (nightmare) and those just interested in raw power. Ask Trotsky how that worked out.

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